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10 Things We All Can Expect President Trump Would Do This Diwali

On 19th October 2017, when the entire Indian community will be euphorically lost in the festive mood celebrating 'Diwali' (festival of lights), there will be some cheers inside the White House as well.While former President Obama had maintained the excellent record of celebrating Diwali each year at the White House with his staffs and US-based Indians, we're sure Trump would not want to miss this chance to win hearts of Indian-Americans. Especially when he hopes to sign a deal with India regarding peace in Afghanistan. And if President Trump is celebrating Diwali, I tell you, it's undoubtedly going to be an extraordinary one. So, as there still are some days left for 'Diwali' to arrive, we have a list of things that Trump could do on this auspicious festival to impress Indians.Now, before your imaginations flight is getting all prepped for a takeoff to visit the clouds of expectations, WittyFeed's monorail is here to tell you probably what could happen on Diwali.Let's have a look!

#1 Who all will be the guest?

It's an undeniable fact that Trump had some 'big' (BIG) investment ties in India since the time when he was not even elected as the President. No doubts, VVIP Indians from all over the world will be invited to spend the day with him. However, some people believe that Trump has ditched the 'Iftar' (Eid dinner) party on Eid this year, and he may again raise his brows on Diwali.

#2 There will be speech, specially for Indians and India.

Donald Trump had earlier said: "I am a big fan of Hindu, and I am a big fan of India. Big, big fan." while addressing The Republican Hindu Coalition during his presidential campaigns.So we can hope to hear some kind and positive words from him. After all, that's what he does right.

#3 No doubt, after speech there will be dance and party...

So, apparently, we all have seen him dancing like this for a million times. But it's 'Diwali', and Indians may request him to wear something traditional and more 'Desi.'

#4 Trump-Diwali (2016)

Last year more than half of the Indian population didn't even know who Donald Trump is. Yeah, that's true. But today, even a 7th grader can write an essay on his biography.In 2016, billionaire Donald Trump was busy promoting his presidential campaign at the Republican Hindu Coalition event. But this year his life has changed upside down, and we're sure he will make us realize that with a grand celebration.

#5 Takeway for everyone.

There will be a storm of tweets and Facebook posts from all around the world. Nope, not to wish President Trump, but to make fun of him. He is an all-time favorite cartoon of pop culture meme artist. For now, only God knows what may happen that day.

#6 Remember this line?

Now, the next thing we may expect is a long queue of top-notch wealthy people who'd line up to wish him "Happy Diwali."Like the one you see above happened when former President Obama visited India.

#7 And some dance numbers, after all, Hollywood has Priyanka Chopra now.

Indian celebrities are extremely active when it comes to such occasions. And when situations like this arise, Bollywood diva, Priyanka Chopra is always the first to grab.

#8 If President Trump gets involved too much in the party.

Okay, no more jokes. But if President Trump feels that he is in the best mood, there are all the possibilities of more than one party on the prosperous night of Diwali. 

#09 Ivanka Trump

After American President Donald, if there's anyone who'll be everyone's favorite, it's Ivanka Trump. The leading lady of the White House has already fixed the date to attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India at the end of this year. We're sure she'll be more than pleased to meet some community faces during Diwali.

#10 Or maybe we're all Jon Snow.

Maybe all of us have come too far with our imagination, or perhaps we're all Jon Snow, and we know nothing.

After all of these...

Well, there's no end to imagination and that's what we all can do until the day comes. What do you think?