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Wild, Stunning & Beautiful, The Burning Man Festival 2017 Is Going To Take You By Surprise

Burning Man Festival began in 1986, with two men burning an eight-foot statue on a San Francisco beach. It now takes place in Black Rock Desert of Nevada. This year it extends from August 27 – September 4, 2017. The event has now grown into a full-fledged festival that sets a 105-feet tall statue on fire around the summer solstice. It is an amalgamation of the wild and crazy side of human beings. It gathers a vast amount of tourists and spectators, with the count in the festival rising to as high as seventy thousand. The festival eloquently describes itself as "temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance." The photos here are a portrayal of the unity in diversity that this world practices, along with the unison of cultures. Some of the participants were so weirdly dressed that we could not help but applaud their spirits and confidence. Have a look at the snaps, here.

Clad in jewellery from top to bottom...

When getting the perfect skin tan is the new desire.

When golden is love, the couple looks fab, dressed in the colour.

When she's slaying it with her sassy walk.

That electric blue costume and the badass attitude.

The wild way, my way. 

A giant cupcake, all for the little boy!

The vivid display of stationing the statue.

Dancing her way into people's hearts.

Stupefied by these hues. Man, they look like the perfect click.

An oasis in the desert, this festival is simply amazing.

Dude, she has the stance and the confidence to carry herself.

Ummm... What are those places?!

Hot chicks, slaying it with their gymnastic poses.

She has what it takes to conquer the world.

A turban clad robot in this modernised desi world.

That's such a perfectly crafted structure.