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Mood swings

People assume that periods generally ruin women's mood. But to your surprise, in some cases, intercourse lifts it up. In fact, women are much hornier when they are on their periods.


It is better than any pain-relief pill. Yes! It makes the periods easy. Orgasms are magical things. They help a lot in alleviating the pain.

Not as messy as you think

According to Metro, It's quite unlikely for you to end up drowning in your pool of blood - as you might have imagined. You can relax, it isn't as messy.

Works as a lube

Period blood is a lubrication in itself. Hence, it's money efficient as well. ;)

Makes you feel better

It changes your perception of yourself during periods and you no more feel like shit. In fact, you feel a bit sexier.

Strengthens the bond

Having an intimate action with your partner during PMS actually brings you two closer, as now you don't have a guard up with him anymore.

It's just blood

If your partner is worried about what's coming out of your body and afraid of it, let him know that it's just blood. There is nothing wrong with it - and he can always wipe it off.

Reduces the period-span

Usually, a period goes on for around 4-5 days. Not only having period sex reduces your pain, it can also reduce the days you go through this.