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10 Preserved Body Parts Of Famous Historical Personalities

The resting places of famous personalities attract many people from all around the globe. Recently, after the death of Hugh Hefner, news came that he wanted to be rested near the tomb of Marilyn Monroe. This means that famous personalities care even about the place where their body is rested. Some celebrities are attracting people from all around the globe to their grave and even at the museums. Now you may be wondering how? There are some historical figures whose body parts were preserved in museums and the reason behind this is very unique. Here in this story, we have gathered the list of famous historical figures whose body parts have been preserved. I know you are excited to read the story, so just keep reading because your mind is about to get blown.

1. Oliver Cromwell’s head

Oliver Cromwell was a politician in England who died from natural causes on 3 September 1658. After two years of his death, his body was dug up by the people of King Charles II, and his head was beheaded. Well, the reason behind it was that he was held accountable for the execution of Charles II's father, Charles I. His head was preserved and kept in a museum. Today, his head is kept at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

2. Napoleon Bonaparte's genital.

The French military leader died on 5 May 1821. After his death, the doctors who performed his autopsy removed his genitals. It also has been auctioned and displayed many times. 

3. Buddha's tooth

Gautama Buddha was the ascetic on whose beliefs Buddhism was founded. His follower removed his tooth during his funeral. It is preserved and kept in Sri Lanka.

4. Albert Einstein 

One of the most famous scientists and intelligent persons in the world died on April 18, 1955. As we know that his intelligence was the reason behind him being famous, so the doctor who performed his autopsy preserved his brain.

5. Abraham Lincoln 

The 16th President of the United States was shot on 14 April 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. A bullet also hit his brain, so during the operation, some parts of his brain came out due to the blood clot, and they were preserved. 

6. Galileo Galilei’s fingers

The famous mathematician and astronomer died on 8 January 1642. His three fingers were removed by his admirers almost after 100 years of his death. They are currently located at the Florence History of Science Museum.

7. Jeremy Bentham's head.

The English philosopher who died on 6 June 1832 wanted that his body should be preserved after his death. So, to fulfill his wish, his head was preserved, and recently news came that his head will be put on display after several decades.

8. Grigori Rasputin's genital

In 1916, Rasputin was poisoned, shot, and his genital was cut off from his body. His private part is today kept on display in Museum of Russian Erotica in St. Petersburg.

9. Che Guevara’s hair

Che Guevara was killed by troops in Bolivian jungle in 1967. After his death, a CIA office took some of his hair off and later they were sold for $100,000. 

10. Benito Mussolini’s brain

Benito Mussolini was executed in 1945, and the American government took the sample of his brain for study, and in 2007, some of its pieces were available for buying on eBay. That's all, folks!