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15 Historical Mysteries That Are Solved And We Don't Even Know

When the word 'mystery' hits our head, we instantly know that it is about something which has not been answered. However, we're also the only species on Earth to have found answers to all such questions. Thanks to science and philosophy, the two subjects which have helped us enormously to find out how the world around us works.As time progresses, we're continuously evolving towards a new future, but we cannot take the burden of mysteries there; hence, it becomes even more important to solve these historical puzzles and move ahead.As I did some digging, I found out that there are at least 15 mysteries which are already solved, and most people in all parts of the world don't even know about it.To expose these quite recently solved puzzles, we at WittyFeed have compiled the list of famous mysteries.Have a look!

#12 The Vanished Nazca Civilization

The civilians of Nazca community are famous because of the designs they made in Nazca desert in Peru. Scientists have revealed that Nazca people used to communicate with Gods by moving in the lines.Why they vanished from Earth was a mystery, until, researchers from Cambridge University proved that the reason nothing supernatural but drought and deforestation.

#11 The whale graveyard in Chile

Scientists were unable to find out what lead these whales to decide mass suicide. However, recent studies suggest that these remains belong to different time zones, in which the first one took place almost 20,000 years ago.They died due to a flowering of toxic algae on their bodies, claim recent reports.

#10 Notes in the copy of Odyssey

Almost 500 years old copy of Odyssey features text in the vague language. Recently, some Italian enthusiasts found out that Jean Coulon de Thévénot prepared these shorthand notes.

#09 A black sinkhole in Florida

Archaeologists had known this sinkhole for years because it's so dark that there have been no dives. Jessi Halligan, a professor from Florida State University, decided to conduct a research and got unexpected results. She found Mastodon Tusks there; the discovery revealed that humans are present in Florida area since 14,500 years.

#08 The first computer of the Greeks

The Antikythera mechanism is known as the world's first computer which existed way back in 800 B.C. However, recent studies done on it reveal that it's a navigation device.

#07 The lost army of Cambyses II

In 524 B.C. Persian King, Cambyses II declared war against Ethiopians, but over 50,000 soldiers who went to conquer the land, vanished without a trace. The recent studies were done by scientist Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni, and it reveals that these soldiers didn't disappear, but a sandstorm killed them.

#06 The Bosham head

Because of its dangerous condition, the Boshan Head has been unnamed for almost two centuries. Recent findings found that it's a statue of Roman Emperor, Trajan.

#05 Wandering rocks in death valley 

Anyone who has seen these rocks in Death Valley still gets shivers, because they seem to move once you turn away from them. There was no scientific reason found behind this until Ralph Lorenz exposed that rock glides because of the winds.

#04 The disappearing grave of Richard III

Richard III's grave was considered demolished. But the scientists from Leicester University conducted a research and found this cemetery that has a matching DNA.

#03 The lost crew of Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a ghost ship which was found in 1872. Chemist Dr. Andrea Sella experimented and found that there were other ships as well, all of them caught fire, so warriors could've abandoned them by perishing into the sea. 

#02 The ancient Egyptian helicopter

Abydos hieroglyphs in the temple of Osiris caused some great debates about the existence of helicopters, tank and even jet among them. Scientists recently found that the designs are tweaked, and they aren't real.

#01 Secret of Easter Island heads

We all should be thankful to Thor Heyerdahl who revealed that Moai heads indeed had bodies, almost 20 feet long.

An extra point:

A surprise by archaeologist Dennis Holm turned out to become a historical event in Denmark. While searching Funen island with his metal detector, Dennis found a gold cross pendant. It's the oldest symbol which reveals Christianity is ancient religion in Denmark.