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15 Infamous Ancient Inventions That Are Work Of Pure Genius

If you're one of those people, who enjoy reading about who invented what and which person has the world record of holding the most patents in the world, then what we have to offer is a perfect fit for you. In case you don't fit in the criteria we explained then don't worry, at least you'll gain some "not-so-easily-available" knowledge in the end. So create some space, through yourself to somewhere comfortable and read the story that I have to share.In 2015, alone in the US, there were more than 28,800 patent applications which government received. Wow, that's huge, isn't it? Apart from your latest iPhone iOs and recent Xbox game, there are a lot of inventions which are going around us, and we hardly know about them. So, with the thought of starting from the basics first, we at WittyFeed have compiled the list of 20th-century inventions that couldn't make their way to the 21st century. However, some of them did succeed in their goal.Have a look!

#1 Dashboard coffee maker

Pick any modern car of the recent times, and we can bet that you won't find a coffee machine installed on the dashboard to the driver's seat. What a fantastic thought it was, to have a coffee on the go, I wonder why this invention doesn't exist today. 

#2 Multiple cigarette holders

Can you imagine holding this today? Maybe not, that's why this invention didn't find its way to the 21st century. Now think, it was invented in the era when women were judged even when they were sober.

#3 Bald head polishing tool

Set by Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Corp, the 'Hairline Brush' invented this bald head polishing machine in 1950 which was a scalp polisher/massager for bald men.

#4 Phone Answering Robot

The name is a bit misleading because this friendly robot doesn't 'answers' your phone, but picks it up and puts it down. But why he does this? Well, no one knows.

#5 Soup cooling fan

Okay so, while most of you may say that it's a stupid and unnecessary thing, remember two points, there's no special way to cool off your soup in the world.

#6 Automatic tip requester

It was invented in 1955 by a small inventor, Russell E. Oakes. No doubt, this man could've gotten a lot of money.

#7 Baby window baskets

What else the people who live in a tiny apartment would need? A little space, you may answer. Well, that's what the man who invented this could've thought. 

#8 BYO chair

Are you standing in a long queue for the tickets of super hit film? Or the next international baseball match? Well, take your BYO chair with you, it may help and make others envy you.

#09 Vibrating bra

It was first introduced in the year 1971 at the 'International show of inventions' in Brussels. It may look like a sex toy, but it isn't. The vibration of this undergarment is meant to bring women bust in proper shape.

#10 Twosome tobacco pipe

This invention was called 'The Double Ender,' which sounds more like a bedroom scene which I cannot describe here.  

#11 Power motor of the future

The concept of this 1957's Power motor of the future isn't that bad. You can drive in the rain as well, thanks to that plastic bubble.

#12 The Richter rocket bicycle

It was invented in the year 1931 by a German engineer, Richter. Now you might be wondering why this beautiful invention didn't make it to the 21st century? Well, it just blasted.

#13 Glamour bonnet

No one said becoming beautiful is easy. Sometimes you got to cover yourself in a plastic hood and suck all the air out because that's good for your complexion.

#14 Bike for whole family

Now that's what I call a efficient, effective, fuel saving family transport.