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15 Hilarious Texts From Cheaters That'll Leave You Laughing Hard

Getting caught red-handed is one of the most disastrous and heartbreaking conditions one could get involved in. It's as bad as destroying the very foundation of any relationship.If you don't believe in Newton's concept that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction," then you may start thinking about it after reading these texts which are convincing enough. These screenshots about cheating are cases where the partner sent their confession of infidelity to the person they were cheating on, and it's both a hard learned lesson and hilarious fail. Like in one of the incidents you'll see a woman blaming the autocorrect for calling her boyfriend with another name before she finally admits that she was cheating on him with his best friend.All these texts are taken from the internet where people shared them online to revenge their cheating partners.Have a look!

#1 Oops, this mother accidentally told her daughter.

Lesson learned: Confess your feelings to anyone in this world, but at least check the name before you type.

#2 Unfaithful boyfriend.

Lesson learned: When you're unfaithful, you can't rely on 'I love you,' that's not enough.

#3 This man tought he could date both, ended up losing both.

Lesson learned: Stay single or stay loyal. If you double cross two people, you'll be left with none.

#4 Jumping to conclusions.

Lesson learned: When you lose something, it's not that easy to win it back.

#5 Epic reply to the one who lost girlfriend and friend at the same time.

Lesson learned: You should always respect relations in your life, wheather they're with you or not.

#6 She must be regretting for being too quick to response.

Lesson learned: Always listen, understand and then respond. If you answer directly without understanding, then nothing will be left to interpret again.

#7 When you bang someone you love, they'll keep quiet by default.

Lesson learned: It's simple, make sure you make love to someone who respects privacy.

#8 Turn around you bitch!

Lesson learned: Never lie, especially when you're in a crowd, and someone asks you the question.

#09 Check who sent you this.

Lesson learned: Bang anyone, anywhere but never use your text services when you're drunk.

#10 What would be your answer as mom?

Lesson learned: You should never be doing anything else while talking, it may give you a shock.

#11 Never dare to double cross.

Lesson learned: Her best friend will always be her best friend, you can't judge girls.

#12 When your mother is smarter.

Lesson learned: You don't need to put everything on Snapchat.

#13 The board meeting.

Lesson learned: The most underrated learning of all time, check well before sending.