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7 People Who Had The Most Extreme Surgeries

Once upon a time, it was believed that in order to cure any disease, one needs to be bled. Thankfully those days are over and now we have something called as surgeries which can get the job done in a matter of hours. Surgeries are not only done to cure internal problems but also can be done from a purely aesthetic point of view. There are surgeries to reduce the size of lips, change the angle of the nose, lift the chin and what not? Sometimes though, the surgeries are taken to new levels of bizarre and today we at WittyFeed would like to show you these people who had the most extreme surgeries done to them.

Surgeries keep getting bizarre

Gone are the days where surgical procedures were done to save someone's life or to cure something. Surgeries these days are much more, things like implants, lipo etc are so common that being under the knife for these procedures don't even seem daunting. So today we'd like to look at these seven people who had the most bizarre surgeries.

Herbert Chavez

Being a fan of a particular fictional character is one thing, everyone is a fan of some or the other character. Aspiring to become like that character is another thing but quite understandable, after all, they are our idols. But aspiring to look EXACTLY like them and now we're talking bizarre. Herbert Chavez had numerous surgeries over the years to look like Superman.

He's had 23 surgeries

According to Daily Mail, Herbert had a whopping 23 surgeries to look like his idol. These surgeries range from bleaching of the skin to raising the chin and much more. He spent 18 years to look like his idol.

Vanilla Chamu

On the topic of transformations, we doubt this one would be hard to top. Why? Because Vanilla Chamu spent over $100,000 to look like a French doll and her transformation is truly insane.

Had 30 surgeries

According to Daily Mail, Vanilla had 30 surgeries and spent well over $100,000 in the process. Vanilla got breast implants, eyelid surgery, nose jobs etc in order to look 'western'. We must say, it worked. Didn't it? 

Rodrigo Braga

Dogs are cute, right? They're adorable, fluffy and full of love. Sometimes they act as inspirational characters too! But can dogs inspire humans to look like them? The answer is revealed below.

Turned out to be work of an artist

Naturally, the photo caused quite the sensation. Later on, it was realized that it was a work of art. According to Aaj.tv, the artist Rodrigo had a silicon cast made of his face and then got the mouth and ears of a dog stitched to it. Thank god!

Justin Jedlica

We promise you that the guy in this picture is a real human being going by the name of Justin Jedlica, not a doll, although he wants to become one.

Had more than 340 cosmetic procedures

According to The Sun, Justin had over 340 cosmetic procedures, spending well in excess of £400,000. He went under the knife first when he was 18 and few of the surgeries include a nose job, chest implants, bicep implants etc.

Myla Sinanaj

Although we aren't the ones to make judgments, we'd recommend someone to look for better idols than Kim Kardashian but Myla Sinanaj wasn't listening to us, was she?

Spent over $30,000

In a quest to look like Kim, she has to mold her assets around her too and that's exactly what she did. She spent $30,000 on lipo, lip injections, boob jobs etc. Oh, and did we mention the part where she 'leaked' her own sex tape? We're sorry if we didn't.

Nicholas Ryan

Contrary to the point above, Ryan Gosling is a good person to mimic, isn't he? And that's exactly what Nicholas Ryan did. For just $5,000! 

Spent $5000 on cosmetic procedures

According to Daily Mail, Nicholas spent $3,000 for getting the look. This involved getting his jaw squared, finning in a few other lines and minor tweaks. He was reported to be 'over the moon' with the results and we bet with $3,000 in his surgeon's bank account, he was too.

Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria is the closest thing you'll come across to a real-life doll. Her surgically enhanced features are so striking that it almost blows our mind away.

Is a spritual speaker too

If looking like a Barbie doll wasn't enough. Valeria is a spiritual speaker too! According to Wikipedia, she had breast implants and uses contact lenses to give the illusion of the blue eyeballs, but apart from that, she's natural. Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.