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21 Cleaning Gadgets That Can Win Tidiest Home Of The Year Award For You

Every year, tonnes of cleaning gadgets are invented and launched in the market shelves with a promise to clean your home like never before. Highly tech-savvy and automated tools look extravagant to operate with easy to use panel; but in reality, do they solve your cleaning problem? Or you end up spending more time in the whole process without cleaning indeed. We're not saying all the gadgets are not-worthy because we come across some products which solve our problems and are very useful. And when you find such products, your entire mood changes, as you start to feel less tired and save a lot of time.Now when you know the reality, which gadgets are you going to buy? We don't want you to die scrolling the endless list on an e-commerce website.So to solve your cleaning problems, we at WittyFeed have compiled the list of 22 cleaning gadgets that "Actually clean."Have a look!

#1 Angry Mama | Microwave Cleaner

Wondering what's this? Well, it's simple. Just put Angry Mama in your microwave, and she'll steam away all the dirt in your microwave. Adorable, isn't it? 

#2 Mopping Robot

Just start this guy and he'll mop away all your sorrows. I mean, the floor of your bathroom and home. In the meantime, you can do something else productive.

#3 Blind Cleaner

Sick of dust which you can't clean with a regular cleaner? Well, not anymore. This little girl will go to the every corner of the place to make it dust free. 

#4 Trash Can

It must b weird, how is this supposed to be here? What if I told you it's entirely automatic. Just wave your hand, and it'll open, for you.

#5 Teeny tiny cleaning brushes

These teeny tiny brushes reach to places where your hands cannot. And don't worry about the availability, all these products are listed on almost most of the e-commerce website and other stores.

#6 Grout Cleaner

While you sweep, do you know how much dust gets into those grout of the tiles? It's the best grout cleaner in the world.

#7 Goo Gone

A must-have for anyone who is involved in the dish cleaning process at home or restaurant. This liquid cleans any sticky substance in a blink of an eye.

#8 Air Purifier

Using this will not only make your home clean by taking away all the smell, but it'll also spread good fragrance at your place.

#09 Power Scrubber

Let's put it in simple words, it'll help you in getting rid of any stubborn marks. Any.

#10 Spaghetti Scrubbers

These Spaghetti Scrubbers may look a little complex to use, but once you know how to use them, they'll make your bathroom clean and sparkling.

#11 Houseplant Savers

If there are a lot of bugs around your plant, just put this guard right there, and it'll stop them where they are. Hassle free.

#12 Sticky Airfreshners

Stick them at places which create the unwanted smell that spreads in your room. They'll eat all the unwanted odor faster than I can eat my sandwiches. 

#13 Bendable Duster

The name describes this dust monster itself. Nothing in your house will look dusty again if you have this at your disposal.

#14 Gap Cleaning Brush

It will clean any hard to scrub gaps between your windows, doors and etc.

#15 Magic Sponges

These Magic Sponges are more magical than Hogwarts combinely. 

#16 Gutter Cleaning Robot

It's an invention of indeed an evil engineer. This robot cleans your drain-pipes in a flash!

#17 Charcoal Closet Freshener

Keep it in your pocket, and people will be a fan of how your clothes smell.

#18 Have you ever seen such thing? Phone Sanitiser.

This little box of happiness will keep your phone clean and fully charged. The best part about it is, it's portability.

#19 Cleaning Clay

It may look like a toy to you, but no one can beat this tool in cleaning the dust and debris out of small holes.

#20 Hardwood Floor Care

Once you use this on your floor, nothing ever will be your love again.