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14 Crazy Pictures Of People Captured In Supermarket

I know, grocery shopping is way too boring for many people. But what if it can be made more interesting? No, I'm not gonna suggest you the ways to shop.But, there are things to do and games to play while your family is grocery shopping. Okay now you might not know but imagine if you get a camera and are told to wander around in the supermarket and do what you like. What would you do then? While of course, I may not know what would be your plan but mine would definitely be something mischievous. I would have taken the full advantage of that camera and captured people doing weird things in the market. And definitely, things like picking the waste from your nose, wearing weird clothes and so on would have been on my list. I don't know who captured the pictures that I've found on the web and attached hereby but he is definitely a notorious kid.Let's look at some funny and stupid pictures of people who were caught in the supermarket.


Yes, go ahead! Sit in this basket which was designed to comfort the customers while they shop for long hours. Next time you visit one, do try this.

Momma is cool

And a perfect timing to capture this. Look at the lady who is bearing her child on her back. What space she has.

So much to buy and leave

Who on earth does like that? I hate you dude, whomsoever you are.

And that might kill you...

Well understood by the picture itself. Such a weird dressing sense of this person.

Pick up girl

Such an appropriate tag above her. Captured at the perfect timing.

Sleep baby

While we carry you in the shopping cart and buy you too from the counter.

The real lady found...

After a long time, the person who captured this has found the perfect looking cat lady.

Miss, you forgot something?

I bet she just got here in a hurry.

Copying something?

Yeah well, that looks exactly the same.

Go in there...

Because, you know everything well, right?

Return the product...

Seems so, that this product is put here intentionally to return it.

Got it!

When you mistakenly weighed something else with your fruits.

What was that?

Thigh and hip fat control tools be like this one.

Great concept.

Yeah man! That is just too good. Why can't we think of doing something like this?That's all!Like, share and comment in the section below.