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Only Geniuses & Schizophrenics Can Find The Similarity Between These Queer Things

We often perceive ourselves as geniuses only till the time someone proves otherwise. And that is when our hopes for ourselves come shattering down! But when you want to figure out someone's personality, simply look at the promptness with which they answer questions. Also, that too, straightforward ones. This tends to reveal a lot about how they think and what is going on in their head. It is through the technique of constant simple questioning that psychologists around the world are able to figure out the mental health of their patients. This is a clue if the person is in the pink of their mental health or needs professional help.Just to shatter those whims and fancies around being a genius or a schizophrenic, here are 15 interesting questions that will help you get a clearer picture of your mental well-being. While schizophrenics are able to answer thoughtful questions promptly, owing to their obsession with thinking, geniuses take time to answer questions, for they eliminate what first comes to their mind, to reveal a more correct and thoughtful answer.I am sure, this is going to be an out-of-the-box task, for you must not have experienced these refreshing and 'opening-the-windows-of-your-brain questions! All you have to do is find the similarity between the things.

#1. What is the similarity between a condom and a pair of sunglasses?

Any guesses? Well, they both protect! *Tongue-in-cheek*

#2. How are fart and a laptop similar, folks?

Both of them release heat. LOL!

#3. The commonality between teeth and stars?

Scratching your head? Both of them *twinkle*!

#4. Mobile phone and your voice, what is the likeness?

Both of them help in communication and to call out to people.

#5. What do clouds and fish have in common?

Both of them sail!

#6. Now this is a 'full of feeling' one!

Both flowers and books have a smell of their own.

#7. A chair and a coffee mug, what is the similarity?

They have the same purpose, to contain things.

#8. Earphones and loyal friends.

They both whisper what you want to hear, in your ears.

#9. Your heart and your bag, they do have something in common.

Did you get it? Umm, here is the answer. Both of them carry stuff, not to be revealed!

#10. A tornado and a sports car?

Both of them move in circles.

#11. A pencil and shoes, tell us what do they have in common.

Well, both of them leave a mark of their presence.

#12. A kettle and a steamboat?

Both of them emit steam.

#13. An alarm clock and a hen...

This may be an easy one. FYI, both of them wake us up.

#14. The hands of a clock and a bicycle...

Both of them run!

#15.  Wondering what is same between a hat and a pen cap?

Both of them cover.If it took time to answer these questions but you guessed them right then you are a genius. Also, if you guessed them right at the first instant only, then you are a schizophrenic. Do share with people you think would enjoy this piece.Design Credits: Dhruv Singh