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10 Strange Tools That Women Have Used For Birth Control

Contraception, today it's a common part of many people's lives and pretty straightforward. It wasn't always this way, however. We have so many techniques today in this era. Pregnancy has become a very normal thing for women. And I'm not saying this because it comes out intentionally but if it happens as a result of unprotected sex, women take it easy to handle. There are so many alternatives available in the market today. Contraception is not much worry although it is sometimes a topic that puts wrinkles on your forehead.But like today, this wasn't a scenario in the past. In fact, in the ancient times, women restricted to some rather unusual and potentially fatal techniques in order to keep a bun out of the oven. Or rather call it to stay away from the tensions of getting pregnant again and again.Some weird methods are listed out here. Look at it with caution as they may leave you in shock.

Holding their breath

Thousands of years ago in Greece, women used to hold their breath during intercourse. Then, when it was all said and done, they were to sneeze to prevent the sperm from entering the womb. Yeah, we're going to guess that people quickly stopped using this ridiculous form of birth control once the number of unwanted pregnancies shot up. 

Using lemons

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade or birth control. You see, many years ago it was believed that if you soaked a sponge in lemon juice and placed it in the vagina, that would work as birth control thanks to the acidity. We're glad we now just use them in drinks and pies. 

A thimble

While there are small thimble-shaped caps women use as contraception, the actual metal thimble is not a good choice. In Europe in the 1800s, women actually thought that the metal thimble you'd use while sewing would make a good choice when it came to stopping pregnancy. Small and lacking any flexibility, we imagine it was uncomfortable and didn't really offer any benefits. 

Crocodile poop

In ancient Egypt, they were willing to try all sorts of things to stop women from getting pregnant. In this case, you add some honey to a generous portion of crocodile poop which you then put in your vagina. This may have dropped the pregnancy rate, thanks to the fact that any sort of poop is a definite mood killer.

Veaver testicle tea

Hundreds of years ago in what is now Canada, women went through a phase involving birth control which was truly bizarre. Not wanting to get pregnant, they would take dried beaver testicles and soak them. Then, once enough time had passed they would drink the beverage. We're not exactly sure how drinking that prevents pregnancy.


Mercury is toxic and you shouldn't ingest it or play around with it if you value your health. Many years ago, people didn't understand this and they believe mercury to be some sort of magical element. In fact, women in ancient China were told to drink mercury to prevent pregnancy. Thankfully, the trend lost popularity as users started dropping like flies 


Thousands of years ago balls of cotton were in use. These were then inserted to act as a rather primitive form of a diaphragm in the body. This method of birth control likely had some limited success simply because it blocked any potential pathway for sperm. In fact, people at the time thought so highly of it that women were even buried with it so as not to get pregnant in the after-life. 

Coca Cola

Coke has had a lot of uses beyond just being a drink. in the 1950s, someone got the crazy idea that carbonic acid killed sperm. So naturally, it was reported that at least a few people tried using it as a form of birth control. Well, after sex you take a bottle and basically wash things out.

Metallurgy waste

What better way to stop getting pregnant than by drinking the wastewater of blacksmiths or deliberately exposing yourself to lead? In ancient Greece, some people actually believed the water used by blacksmiths could prevent pregnancy. Some even believed that exposure to lead could help keep away unwanted babies.That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.And stay tuned for more.