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15 Dangerous Parasites Which May Live Inside You To Kill You From Within

As part of our daily routines, or at least once in a while during the weekends, we go out of our comfort zones and participate in activities like gardening, playing outdoors, going out for a dinner, but while doing all of these we never notice what we might be doing wrong, and that lack of alertness sometimes causes havoc in our life. Sometimes it is visible, other times we don't see it coming.Like there are a lot of things that exist around us, things we hardly notice and deal with, like parasites. If you've never dealt with the one, that doesn't mean you'll never come across one. Parasites may hit you anytime, and their range varies from horrific, disgusting, to terrifying. Some of them may even take your life or at least cause you life-changing injuries.Before researching about parasites, I had a preconceived notion that you only find them at dirty and unclean places, but unfortunately, I was wrong. Have a look!

#15 Loa Loa

Well, I hope this picture will not haunt you in the night. The horrifying parasite you can easily spot in the eyes is known as African Eye Worm. This worm moves into your body with the help of deer fly bite, and then makes its way to your eyes. The treatment is painful. It's found in Central Africa.

#14 Ascaris

These are one of the most common kinds of parasitic roundworms. These parasites enter your body if you drink very unsafe water which is coming from the infected soil. They move from your lungs to the intestine and then get out of your butt. Most commonly found in Latin America.

#13 Filarial Worm.

These worms not only make you sick but physically deformed as well. These parasitic worms pass onto your blood streams from mosquitos. These infections are usually spotted in Asia, so don't forget to bring a mosquito repellent.

#12 Candiru

Prepare yourself for the worst. This parasitic swimming fish, also known as vampire fish finds the way to your wounds and drinks blood there. There have been cases when this naughty parasitic fish found its ways to male penis and women vaginas, so be careful if you pee near rivers. Especially in South America.

#11 Hookworm

If you're playing the ground anywhere, then there's always a probability of you getting injected anytime. From your hands to mouth and then the lungs to the intestines, these hookworm larvae travel well in your body. These larvae are found in the United States of America and other developed countries.

#10 Onchocerca

It gets under your skin through the black fly and then causes you itching, rashes, and then partial or complete blindness. The WHO estimates that more than 25 million people are infected with this parasitic worm right now.

#09 Chigoe Flea

Barely visible to the naked eyes, these tiny invisible parasitic worms eat your skin, flesh and then blood. Depends on which part of your body has got in touch with them. They can be found in any part of the world, whereas in Africa they eat the skin as if that's the sole ultimate purpose of their life. 

#08 Screw Worm

Although these parasitic worms mostly hit on animals, they're equally capable of wrecking a human life. They eat flesh from inside. They're found in India, America, Kuwait, and Africa.

#07 Guinea Worm

This parasite is not less than a nightmare because there's no medicine in the world which could cure its infection. It enters you through contaminated water and then kills you forever. It is found in Middle-East and Asia.

#06 The Horsehair Worm

The worm, which is also known as Nematomorpha can enter your body. However, they're not harmful to humans, but they've caused absurd infections in the most recent cases in Japan.

#05 Whipworm

Aptly named as per its size and shape, the Whipworm mostly enters your body from eating contaminated vegetables and food. They cause diarrhea.

#04 Leeches

You might have heard of these blood-sucking parasites. They latch on your skin and suck your blood like it is their birthright. Once they have their fill, they let you go, and most of the times their bites are not harmful. They own the planet and can be found anywhere.

#03 Giardia intestinalis.

If you drink too much of contaminated water, then you may increase the chances of getting Giardia. Though it doesn't harm much, it only causes vomiting and diarrhea in some cases.

#02 Bot Fly Larva

The good thing is there's only one kind of Bot Fly Larva that harms humans, and the bad news is that they do nasty things to you. The fly puts larva on your skin which slowly gets underneath and then burst outs when grows. It happens in South America.

#01 Toxoplasma Gondii

This parasite mostly attacks animals, especially cats. However, there have been instances when human cases have been reported. This parasite cause body aches and affects the immune system.That's all, folks!