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15 Techniques That Will Pull You Out Of Stress In A Day

Being happy is not a rocket science. All you need to do is - be conscious and aware enough to be in a state of 'happiness'. In fact, human beings' natural state is to be happy and jovial but the daily pressures and expectations have left us stressed. Still, with all the chaos around, we can manage to be happy. A little alteration in your lifestyle and mindset will make you happy like never before.So today, I am going to tell you few ways to be at your jovial best. For, who likes a serious person with a heavy expression? Nobody. Read these 15 points and adapt them from today itself to see the change in a day. Yes, it's possible, try for yourself. 

15. Filter your thoughts. 

Be very careful about your thoughts and filter all the negative, harming thoughts from your mind. In the beginning, it will be difficult but in the end, the effort will be worth it.  

14. Smile often. 

A forced smile can also change your mood. If you are feeling low, try smiling and it will work as a dose. Here you can trick your mind that you are happy and your mood will change instantly.

13. Focus on one thing at a time.

Yes, that's a very important part. You should focus on one thing at a time, put all your energy on a particular thing. The results will be awesome! Multi-tasking is not a good idea.

12. Be careful who you communicate with. 

Words are powerful. If you talk to a person who complains and spreads negativity, you better move out. Steer clear of such talkers for they will influence the way you talk and think. Be in a good, positive company. 

11. Start loving yourself. 

Buddha said, you deserve your love and attention as anyone else. Start loving yourself from today itself, take care and fall in love with yourself. That's where the happiness is. 

10. Avoid gossip.

Gossip is half truth, half story, or may be a total fictional story. Stay away from gossip mongers for the people who get into gossip are clear losers.  

9. Breathe deep. 

It is scientifically proven that deep breathing makes you calm and composed. That's because when you get into deep breathing, your heart, brain and cells get more oxygen and this calms down your body, mind and soul.   

8. Read something new everyday.

A person who doesn't read has no advantage over one who can't read. Reading is active entertainment, it helps improve your concentration, memory and knowledge. It will make you stand out amid the crowd. 

7. Eliminate toxic people.

Toxic people drain your energy and make you feel miserable. They spread toxicity wherever they go. Simply fuck them off. 

6. Hit the gym. 

Exercise lifts your mood and makes you feel happy. Because exercise releases hormones that make you active and attractive!

5. Never skip the breakfast.

Because breakfast sets the tone of the day. If you have healthy breakfast, you will feel positive during the day. If you don't have breakfast, you will feel low and drained. 

4. Become a giver. 

There's joy in giving. Don't expect anything from people, just give them whatever they need and whenever they need. 

3. Listen to your inner voice. 

Because inner voice never misguides you. Listen to it, very carefully. Be a little quiet to listen to it. 

2. Work hard and trust your abilities. 

For a good night's sleep with a clear conscience, work your ass out. The harder you work, the contended you will feel. 

1. Be detached.  

That's the most important part. Try not to get attached to people and things. Because this is gonna hurt you eventually. Practice detachment and this will keep you cool and chilled. You may start practicing these 15 pointers from today itself and feel the difference.  While the change might not be as visible in a day (if you start practicing them all), you'll see some positive change in you from the very first day.Thank you for reading the article. Stay tuned for more such stories.