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The Beautiful Evolution of 15+ Anorexia Survivors

Yes, curves are sexy, and will always be. I don't understand why has anorexia grabbed such a lot of attention. Why does everyone wish to be stick-thin? Why do they cut on essential calories just to look the perfect thin. But, anorexia is a serious disorder wherein the person cuts on calories with the fear of gaining weight. And in the meanwhile ends up losing important nutrients for the body. There is a strong desire to be thin, which results in food restrictions. Lynn Crilly, who is a counsellor, has put anorexia aptly, "Anorexia is not an illness of the body, it is an illness of the mind."Anorexia is a disorder that is lethal. It actually extracts all the 'good' out of the affected person's body. There are certain incessant and annoying habits of anorexia-struck people, such as, repeatedly weighing themselves, forcing vomit, excessive exercising and so on. But, there are some who have overcome all this, to emerge more beautiful and with a sense of pride.

Anorexia, not her please.

Girl, eat your heart out and do not belittle yourself for those curves, they adorn you.

Kaitlyn Davidson once weighed just 37 kg.

And now looks a bombshell, thanks to overcoming anorexia.

Linn Strömberg used to live on only 400 calories a day.

Now she is enough to give us the feels.

Now, that's an eye-popping transformation.

Too much to keep calm.

Girl, you look better with that extra flab.

Prettier and happier, too.

Girl, your muscular body is making us swoon.

Glad that you did not give in to anorexia much.

Elle Lietzow suffered a seizure due to dehydration

Girl, you look so beautiful with all the fat on.

A change for the better.

For a curvier and a prettier personality.

Jo Thompson was once given 48 hours to live.

But she fought it all and emerged a winner.

Transformation, for the better.

Great that he overcame anorexia, he looks more handsome, now!

Danny Walsh gained this much muscle in four months.

And those pack of abs. Yayy, we got the handsome Danny back.

From that bone toughing skinny body to the chiseled one.

He has regained his lost charm.

Those stick thin hands...

To Chubby cheeks, now.

Matthew Booth suffered respiratory failure because of starvation.

He surely knows how to bounce back.