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Remember This Aleppo Boy Who Shook The World? This Is What He's Up To Now

A young Syrian boy who shook the world in 2016 with his dusty appearance while blood was oozing out of his body has been going viral on the internet again for some time now. The entire world was interested in knowing his whereabouts, and that's when Syrian government decided to ask the journalists to help and let the world know what this child is up to.The boy, whose pictures got the attention from every corner of the world on social media, symbolized the dangerous situation which was faced by civilians living in Aleppo when his home and family was bombed in August last year.With the help of President Bashar-al-Assad, his family now appeared on television shows, sharing their experiences and the recovery of innocent Omran Daqneesh, who didn't even know what is a religion when bombed.Have a look!

Remember this picture?

When this picture swirled on the internet, it turned to serve a haunting image of brutality which was going on in Aleppo, and how individuals of one regime didn't even keep children away from their terrorist attacks.

The new pictures of this bloodied kid have appeared on the internet again.

In his latest TV footage, which favors Syrian government, Omran is spotted as a healthy boy who has gotten his childhood back after a long struggle. In his personal interview, Omran turns to the camera and says "I'm Omran and I'm 4 years old."See his adorable interview at the end of this article.

Meet Omran Darneesh, now a healthy boy from Aleppo.

The initial information which came from the activists in Syria had hinted that Omras was five years old at the time of the incident, showing it was hard to get the correct facts.Omran's father, Mohamad said in a TV interview that his son's life was at risk, and he feared his safety after images spread widely on the social media.

Omran's father says:

"I changed Omran’s name so no one will know him, and I changed his haircut so that no one will film him or recognize him," reports Al-Alam News.

During the war, his family was staying in the dangerous situations.

When the violence of the Syrian war reached Aleppo in 2012 and divided the city, Daqneesh family was stuck in rebel-held eastern Aleppo.

In another interview, Mr Daqneesh said:

"I stayed in Syria. This is my country, where I grew up and lived and my children will grow up in it, they are the ones who hurt us and our country and displaced the people," father of Aleppo boy said pointing at President Assad.

Volunteers took Omran away from his father.

Omran's father says he didn't hear any planes over his head when a bomb hit his home. However, as soon as his family was hit, volunteers known as the White Helmets had arrived for help.Mr. Muhamad says, "They took Omran, got him to the ambulance, where they filmed him,” Mr. Daqneesh said. “It was against my will. I was still upstairs in the house."

Conflicts between the President and Oman's family.

When Oman's picture was going viral on the internet and media had asked President Assad, "It's a forged picture," he had said that time. And now, Assad is using Oman's family (who live in the government-controlled area) to endorse his views about the war.

Photographed without will

"I didn't ask for anything with regards to Omran. No media, no fame, nothing. They photographed him without my will. I brought him back here so that no one would exploit him. I shaved his head, I even changed his name, I prevented him to go to the street," reports RT.