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13 Disturbing Illustrations Slapping The Illogical Modern Society On Face 

It's highly probable that artists who get into making the versatile art illustrations definitely meet with obstruction. And why wouldn't they? After all, their art is a satirical slap on the face of people and our modern culture. Our people and leaders are no longer concerned with the real issues in the world. Everyone wants their money, their piece of the cake and rest may go to hell by their grace. While it may be true that artists who truly have the courage to share their thoughts on important social issues are rare, it’s great to see their emergence becoming more frequent. And to bring all those art illustrations together in front of people is definitely my work.The art below draws on a wide range of controversial issues ranging from the objectification of women and political abuse of resources to war and power, social media, religion, and more. Shown here is a rundown I've compiled of all those artworks, let's take a look.

1. Obsession towards phones

Nowadays our obsession towards technology and phones has increased to such an extent that we sleep, eat and breathe phones. This illustration is a perfect thing to describe our condition in this era.

2. Close minded society!

As we all know, our society has this submissive and close-minded behaviour that no matter how much one sensible person may tell them, they will do what the whole rat race is heading towards.

3. Thirst for oil

Here's one for the second Libyan Civil War, indeed a perfect illustration for the same.

4. Rooted in the virtual world

This one depicting our roots that has been settled deep down in the virtual world.

5. When money gives you more opportunities

And the poor remain at the bottom. The one with more money climbs up the ladder of opportunities.

6. Obesity in one, starvation in other...

While one is the brand which brings obesity, some people on the other hand in the world die out of starvation.

7. Is that what religion is?

No religion bans women from doing things, people do. And when they do, when they treat women in the way they shouldn't, the result would be this.

8. Homophobia

Fear of homosexuals. Indeed a perfect depiction of the condition. There is no respect for the people who are slightly different from normal. Why? Aren't they humans?

9. Cell phones have become life.

Indeed an addiction that has taken a special place.

10. Dollars are love, anything for it!

After all, money matters more, and even if the world may have to be chopped it is permissible for some of the world leaders.

11. The oppression of women...

And what else? This is a harsh reality that women of the society are oppressed today in the name of religion. While some people may get offended with this one, it is indeed a truth in some parts of the world.

12. Objectification

Of what? Objectification of women is one of the pathetic things that exist in our modern culture.

13. Selling ourselves for attention...

That's all folks!Artist courtesy: Luis Quiles and Steve CuttsLike, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com