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Who Among Michael Phelps And Tiger Woods Is The Hook-Up King?

Hello and welcome, today we'll be looking at the battle of the hookups between two names which are synonymous with their respective sports. When it comes to golf, the one name that pops up into everyone's head is Tiger Woods. Over the years the accolades Tiger has collected are unprecedented and the same goes for Michael Phelps. Phelps to Swimming is what Jordan was to basketball, the perfect specimen. And this perfection is reflected in the number of accolades he's collected over the years. On the topic of a collection, both of them, over the years have their share of hookups too. Both don't shy away from indulging in promiscuity. So we wondered why not we make a comparison of the top women they had a hook-up with. So want to know who's the winner? All you need to do is scroll down.

Round 1: Tiger Woods - Lindsey Vonn. 

Tiger's got quite the taste, doesn't he? We start off with the beautiful Lindsey Vonn. The two had more than a fling and dated for some time before breaking up. So can Michael top that? 

Round 1: Michael Phelps - Stephanie Rice.

Michael doesn't seem like the one to shy away from competition and it is evident. The two had a brief fling back in 2008 and one can only wonder how lean their kids would've been had it worked out. Due to just sheer beauty and the fact she's incredibly fit, we have to give Michael this one.Score: Tiger Woods 0 - 1 Michael Phelps

Round 2: Tiger Woods - Cori Rist.

Beautiful blonde with some spectacular assets, Tiger scored with her literally and figuratively. The Catch? The time they met, both were married. 

Round 2: Michael Phelps - Win McMurry.

She's beautiful, she's blonde and on top of all that. she's a golfer. Tiger Woods obviously loved to date her but sorry Tiger, sometimes you gotta adjust. We got to award Phelps points as he's beaten Tiger at his own game. Score: Tiger Woods 0 - 2 Michael Phelps

Round 3: Tiger Woods - Joslyn James.

We told you that Tiger loves good assets. And Joslyn has a pair of quite noticeable assets. The two had an affair which lasted quite some time. 

Round 3: Michael Phelps - Taylor Lianne Chandler.

On the topic of spectacular assets, Michael certainly knows a thing or two about them thanks to Taylor. Although their relationship didn't last long and wasn't even a comfortable one for both, we gotta say, Michael just edges this round too. Score: Tiger Woods 0 - 3 Michael Phelps

Round 4: Tiger Woods - Holly Sampson.

We told you the magic formula for Tiger, a blonde with spectacular assets. Holly is an adult film model and quite visibly, has good assets.

Round 4: Michael Phelps - Maria Ho.

A tanned body, a poker player, and a stunning body. Despite that, this time, Tiger has made a comeback. Score: Tiger Woods 1 - 3 Michael Phelps

Round 5: Tiger Woods - Lorendana Jolie.

We know Tiger can pull off spectacular things but whoa! Loredana is a Playboy model and had some high-profile flings and no wonder Tiger was one of them. 

Round 5: Michael Phelps - Brittny Gastineau. 

Phelps scores an absolute bomb in this encounter. For a change, a brunette appears in this list and what a brunette. She's a Brit model and actress and is BFF with Kim Kardashian, not a surprise considering they both look alike. But Tiger's edged this one too! Score: Tiger Woods: 2 - 3 Michael Phelps

Round 6: Tiger Woods - Rachel Uchitel.

On the surface, Tiger seems to have hit the jackpot in the form of Rachel but considering how things would unfold, he loses out. It was Rachel who landed Tiger in hot water when their fling was unveiled and following that, it was only downhill for him.

Round 6: Michael Phelps - Megan Rossee

Blonde, slim, facial features of a goddess, Michael Phelps would be proud of. The couple was in a relationship years ago but it didn't work out as they felt the relationship wasn't going anywhere. Not only Phelps scores points for beauty but also how it ended.Score: Tiger Woods 2 - 4 Michael Phelps

Round 7: Tiger Woods - Elin Nordegren

Oh, Tiger! That's what she would've screamed as she was his wife from 2004 - 2010. Born in Stockholm, Elin is beautiful from inside and outside and with the settlement money following her divorce, very rich. 

Round 7: Michael Phelps - Lily Donaldson.

Beautiful, has millions of followers and a Victoria Secret model, Lily isn't your everyday model, is she? The two had a fling back in 2008 and had Phelps been single now, would be surely sliding into her DM's. So who's the winner?