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20+ Rare, Dark & Intoxicating Images From The Past

"If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is a part of a tree."-Michael Crichton. Yes, he has said that right, for not knowing of the past is an incomplete feeling.History repeats itself, and reminds, too! These powerful photographs are an epitome of the same. They are so intriguing and so reminiscent that some of the historical moments returned as flashbacks. These images are jewels from the past. A treasure trove of memories and some of the 'behind-the-scenes' events captured at the right moment.From famous personalities in history to the rarely misfortunate events, this collection of photographs is enough to stir your emotions. From feeling the cringe to a tear trickling down my cheek to squealing in ecstasy to being satisfied with that fact, these rare captures are a heavy dose of sentiments.Have a look at the rare, dark captures to feed the history freak in you.

The real boarding pass for RMS Titanic

It is so detailed and is a treasure forever.

Times Square, New York, 1911

via www.shorpy.comDoes Times Square 2017 recognise itself from the past? Heavy doubt!

The original Ronald clown of McDonald's, 1963.

via www.beartales.meLike really? What an idea that was!

The First Google Team in 1999.

via www.sickchirpse.comTha change-bearers captured together.

The moment George W. Bush was notified of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

via www.nbcnews.comHis expressions say it all.

Martin Luther King Jr. removing a burned cross from his front yard. His son is at his side. Atlanta, GA, 1960.

via www.historicaltimes.tumblr.comA sweet one, that is.

Construction of the Eiffel tower in July 1888.

via www.artisticglobe.comIt was half done, history in the making, captured.

The Beatles meet Muhammed Ali

via www.joeydevilla.comPhew! Those old golden days. A rare yet fun capture.

The Beatles captured in an iconic click.

via www.pinterest.comStrolling, in a line with swag, on the zebra lines.

Children in an iron lung before the advent of polio vaccination.

Many children lived for months in these machines. Gosh! It is so risky.

Albert Einstein's matriculation certificate that he received at the age of 17, showing his final grades from the Aargau Kantonsschule (on a scale of 1-6).

via www.en.wikipedia.orgThere's none like him and there can be none like him.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro sharing a laugh

via www.ridwanlaher.blogspot.comWe're in love with this capture, a rare beauty.

Inmates of prison playing chess from their cells.

Captured by Cornell Capa, 1972. When they had nothing left for their entertainment, when strictness took a toll on them.

Disneyland employee cafeteria 1961

via www.boingboing.netWow! We can spot Snow White and Scooby Doo, can you, any other?

Howard Carter, an English archaeologist, examining the opened sarcophagus of King Tut.

via www.historianbook.comA tough man he is, with great guts.

Madonna, Sting and Tupac hanging out

via www.vintag.esThree legends in a frame.

Microsoft staff in December 1978.

via www.en.wikipedia.orgThe wise chaps, with brightly lit faces.

Einstein's office at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, photographed on the day of his death, April 18, 1955.

via www.ancientrails.comThis is where path-breaking work was done. Trying to absorb as much as possible from this click.

The infamous Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

via nirmalkumars.comThis photo was taken just before he was shot by the man, Nathuram Godse.

An American soldier replaces "Adolf-Hitler-Str." sign with a "Roosevelt Blvd" one in Berlin, Germany, 1945.

via www.imgur.comThe happiness on his face speaks volumes.

Aircrafts await orders while being grounded on 9/11. 

via www.historianbook.comAt Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo: Halifax Airport.

The first Wal-Mart store was opened in 1962 by [a salesman] Sam Walton. 

via www.en.wikipedia.orgIt was called Walton's Five and Dime.

George S. Patton's Dog, Willie, mourning his best friend on the day of his death.

via www.pinterest.comYes, nothing can compensate for this loss.

During the Apollo 16 mission, Charles Duke left a family photo on the moon.

via www.universetoday.comFYI, if you look closely, it was enclosed in a plastic bag.

Elvis Presley during his service in the U.S. Army

via www.dw.deThe talented personality can never be forgotten.

French female Nazi collaborators being publicly humiliated for their betrayal.

Dude, this is so sad and heart-breaking. How can this be done?! *Sadness*