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15+ Photos Of Our World Which Are Absolutely Fascinating To Look At 

If you browse through news channels, the world seems quite a boring place to live in. There's a lot of problems going on, the political situation doesn't seem correct and to top it all off, the climate change isn't helping either. It's such a cliche that sometimes it's quite embarrassing to admit but because it's true, we gotta do. A picture is worth a thousand words. It says and expresses things that no literary or audio device can do. So we at WittyFeed would like to present you with a compilation of 15+ images which are absolutely fascinating to look at. 

1. A butterfly.

This butterfly is special because it's a bilateral gynandromorph butterfly. In simple terms, it means it's half male, half female. What's even more spectacular is that there's a dark side and a light side to it, just like us.

2. Look closely.

Look closely, there's actually an Elephant on top of this huge mountain. 

3. From the inside.

This is what a glacier looks from the inside. Quite spectacular, but sadly, they're depleting at an unprecedented rate.

4. EMT regathering himself.

EMT's are the unsung heroes here's one of them after an intense situation. No matter how trained they are, at the end of the day, they are humans.

5. Nursing. 

Motherly love always comes first, irrespective of the danger. This photo is the prime proof of that. 

6. A rainbow aura quartz.

Here's a beautiful rainbow aura quartz. Who knew nature packs the entire spectrum of its colors in a quartz which can fit into your both hands. Incredible, isn't it?

7. Old meets new.

In this photo, we can see the old China meeting the new and bright China. 

8. Atheris Squamigeria.

This is Atheris Squamigeria, one of the most beautiful snakes. Yet one shouldn't go by the beauty, this snake is a venomous viper. 

9. The aftermath of saving a life.

This room, the mess, that's what it takes to save a life. One precious life. 

10. Abandoned Mill.

An abandoned mill. Just how beautiful it looks. The backdrop of leaves the water. How much we'd love to go there. 

11. Sequoia Driftwood.

Trees like these get washed down during the stormy season. But still, imagine the power required to do so to such a massive tree.

12. New York City in the 80's.

Quite sad, isn't it? All the buildings turned into high rises but the two in this picture are no more.  

13. A tiger.

Tigers are already beautiful in themselves but look at this one, this one came off the mud after cooling himself. Such a beastly masculine creature. 

14. Christopher Charles Lightsey.

After continuously disrupting the court proceedings, Christopher Charles Lightsey was gagged in court during the sentencing phase of his murder trial.

15. Baby elephant.

Elephants can be quite friendly and affectionate as we can see it in this picture. Although we won't prefer getting laid on by a full sized one.

16. Amazing skills.

Magic and art literally is everywhere. Did you like the list? Make sure to like, share and comment.