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15 Cartoons That Will Hit Right Where It Hurts, To Be Born In The 21st Century

Reality is a harsh fact that when met with, breaks the heart. We as humans have it in our blood to run as far away from truth and reality as possible. We have to drag ourselves to face the truth and take it as a bitter pill to swallow. Reality is always not so rosy, but always full of thorns. We find comfort in lies and feel the cringe in truth. This is so because we always look for the easier way and futilely earned comfort. None of us would want to face reality or truth unless it is darn necessary.Here are 15 illustrations from different artists that show a not so positive side of the world we breathe in. It attracts negative energy more than the positive one. One is often criticised before one is applauded. Well, there are many such vices that prevail, but here are some of them that have been addressed through drawings.Although we try our best to credit the artists, many a times we are not able to discover the real ones. We would be glad to credit them. If you know any, do mention in the comments section below.

#1. To be called a scapegoat, every time.

That too, for no reason. When everyone blames you and not ready to listen to your point of view.

#2. When the millennials are frustrated in their lives and find solace on their smartphones.

While the elderly still believe in living in the moment, with the people they love. An apt reflection of the present scenario of homes. 

#3. When we can be the support for each other.

Make this world a better place to live in, be the change you wish to see. Help can work wonders, hence proved.

#4. For food for thought is needed to make the mind grow.

Money and the madness for it is no fuel for the brain, it is highly intoxicating. Knowledge empowers, not money.

#5. When giving is also a show-off.

For being applauded for donation is another human greed. Humans need appraisal and appreciation, everywhere.

#6. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Also, when prosperity is eyed by a lot of spectators, it imparts only nervousness.

#7. For sitting back and waiting for things to come to you is not the solution always.

You need to hustle and make efforts to get out of trouble and inactivity.By the artist, Bokifide.

#8. For it is your parents who can save you from trouble.

Do not let them leave you. They are your only well-wishers and care takers. Never take them for granted.

#9. Do not get into the superficial baits created by people. 

Your treasure is waiting for you, do not search for yours in other's den!

#10. When a daughter questions the thought process of her father and the emotions of her mother after growing up.

Also, it is these two things that help her out in this brutal world. She learns to think with learnings from her father and inculcates emotions in herself, with the kind heart that her mother has for her.

#11. When the young generation is too engrossed in only exchange of love through their 'smartphones'.

While the elderly know and emphasise on the importance of reading and knowledge.

#12. When comforting lies have more takers than unpleasant truths.

This is a reflection of the superficial nature of this world and its inhabitants.

#13. For sometimes or most of the times, it is parents who clip the wings of their kids.

Let the young mind be free and instead give wings for it to fly with flying colours.

#14. When the leader is a screwdriver, that is the manipulator, but his followers fail to recognise the brainwash.

The leader is there to 'fix' them up with his 'flat end'!

#15. When it a sack for the poor and a pot belly for the rich.

The 'rich' eat and run to digest, while the 'poor' run for their meals! Phew! These illustrations were all from sad to harsh. We hope they managed to change your mindset for the better and bring a change in this world.If you like to read what I write, feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com