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10 Most Disturbing Items In The Museum Of Death

Museums are fun, aren't they? You go there, see an artefact and the images of bygone times crop up in your mind. How that particular person would've lived, how would life be at that point in time? Museums celebrate the life and legacy of prince and princesses of the bygone times. But there's one museum which doesn't celebrate life but celebrates death. Yes, there's a museum which is dedicated to death and boasts a collection of serial murderer artwork, original crime scene, and morgue photos, pet death taxidermies etc. And what is the museum called? You bet! The museum of death. So we at WittyFeed would like to show you a list of 10 most disturbing items from the Museum Of Death. 

1. Recreation of the Heaven's Gate Suicide.

What's common between, Nike's, UFO, and Death? The Heaven's Gate. The Heavens Gate, according to Wikipedia, was a religious cult group which believed that Earth was about to be wiped out and the only way to escape the fate would be to commit suicide which would enable them to join a UFO which is following a comet. Weird, right?

Here's the actual photo...

The cult members all wore Nike sneakers, placed plastic bags over their heads, and covered their bodies in purple shrouds. Apart from recreation, you'll also get to study about the cult. Quite cool, isn't it?

2. Bust Of Assassinated John F Kennedy. 

John F Kennedy is one of the most influential presidents of the USA who helped kick-start the space program with the ambition of landing a man on the moon. On November 22, 1963, JFK was assassinated and the museum has a bust showcasing his head after he was shot. 

Here's the photo.

Although scary, this is a reconstruction of how JFK's head would've looked like after the bullet had passed through it. Apart from this, there are also several photos of the day he was assassinated and other evidence. You can always visit YouTube to see the actual footage.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer's letters.

When it comes to serial killers, it doesn't get weirder than Jeffery Dahmer. Why? According to Wikipedia, Jeffery was a serial killer who not only raped and murdered 17 people but he used to preserve them in the refrigerator and later on eat them. 

The museum has his letters. 

The museum contains his letters from the time he was in prison. Some of the letters reveal his reading and music interests. All in all, they provide quite an intriguing insight into the mind of the killer.

4. Crime scene evidence from the OJ Simpson trial.

Perhaps one of the most famous, if not the most, the OJ Simpson trial gripped everyone. OJ Simpson was a part of NFL's iconic Dream Team. He was charged with counts of murder of his ex-wife and a restaurant waiter. 

The museum has crime scene evidence.

OJ was, later on, declared as not guilty but not before the entire nation was gripped in this trial which never seemed to conclude. According to WGNO-TV, the museum contains a piece of hair and a dog bowl from the OJ Simpson trial.

5. The severed head of Henri Landru.

So a museum dedicated to death won't have severed head? Think again. According to Wikipedia, this severed head represents the French serial killer Henri Landru. Landru used to give false advertisements in the newspaper that he's seeking matrimony and he used to kill interested brides after taking all their money.

Was Guillotined. 

After confessing his crimes, he was Gulliotined three months later and a representation of his severed head lies in the museum. 

6. Flowers woven from hair.

We move from the bizarre to the absolutely ridiculous as there are flowers which are made out of hair presented in the museum. It's not the art which creeps us out rather the thought that the person whom the hair was extracted from is most probably no more.

7. Stuffed corpses of celeb pets.

Imagine being at a place where stuffed corpses of celeb pets are the least bizarre part. The museum of death has quite the collection of stuffed pets and animal taxidermy. According to Roadside America, this stuffed Chihuahua belonged to Jayne Mansfield who died with Jayne herself in 1967. 

8. A quilt be Mason family. 

The Mason family was a cult which was responsible for a string of Hollywood murders in 1969.  According to LA Weekly, the museum acquired a quilt made by the family and each of the squares represents a swastika, their favorite design. 

9. Artwork by serial killers.

According to Crime Museum website, in 1982, a killer named Gacy was on a death row and that's when he decided to take up the hobby of painting. Many portraits including this one depicted Pogo the clown, a persona he adopted while worked at children's parties.

10. Various execution devices.

Last, but not the least, there's a whole barrage of execution devices in the museum, ranging from ancient to modern times. Would you like to visit the museum? Make sure to share with your friends and let them know too.