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11 Things That Happy Couples Never Do, Watch Out

COUPLES.Yes, this status of being in a relationship is no less than a roller coaster ride. A lot of millennials fear this status of 'couples' and those who are in it, cannot handle the immense pressure that this word brings with itself. The commitment, the promises, all go for a ride when there are problems faced. But, happy are those couples who focus on being by each other's side, no matter what. For who said that being a couple is EASY? The thing that takes a toll on relationships is certain habits of both the partners that get bloated with time. But there are certain things that these couples must refrain from if looking for happiness in their relationship. Here are 11 of them that you need to keep in mind and do not indulge in if you wish of a happier relationship. Go ahead guys; you can make it!

#1. Talk it out and do not keep things in yourself.

Happy couples do not involve others in their relationships. In case of any misunderstandings, they talk things out and convey, instead of assuming things. Most importantly, they do not complain to others about the lows in their relationship.

#2. Happy couples do not compare themselves with others but focus on the growth of their own bond.

Couples looking for happiness are very well aware of the fact that comparisons are unfair and highly degrading. Apart from creating negativity, they do not help. They know that second-guessing is a dangerous habit. The saying fits here well, the grass isn't always greener on the other side, even if it looks like.

#3. A good relationship is where neither partner plays the victim.

Both the partners act responsible and take the stand for their feelings. They refrain from blaming each other for problems. Also, wallowing in self-pity is not their thing. They take responsibility for their actions and situations.

#4. Happy couples know that seriousness can get them nowhere.

They make place for all the fun. They indulge in crazy activities and are always up for some good moments full of laughter, together. They revel in each other's company and wish to make the maximum out of it. They like to keep things light and fun.

#5. Criticism is a passe.

Happy couples possess the trait of positivity. They talk things out and try to understand and not assume the reason behind their partner's actions. Happy couples ask for their needs in a sensible way and refrain from behaving in a cranky manner.

#6. Mind and track finances.

Financial stress is powerful enough to put stress on relationships. So, monitoring it closely and being in communication helps in making responsible decisions for the future. Avoiding money matters is a big mistake that couples make, which results in a mess for both of them. 

#7. Do not try to read minds.

It is only with communication that a person's needs and feelings can be understood. So, one must not wait for the other partner to read his/her mind. Spelling out clearly and not mincing words is the crack here.

#8. Refrain from oversharing.

Understanding the mindset of your partner is important. Before sharing the frustration, they check if it is the right time. They do not lash out blindly. Fussing is not their thing, instead, helping each other, outside of one's responsibilities is what keeps their boat sailing.

#9. Encouragement is a secret otion.

Instead of nagging each other and constantly asking for attention, happy couples give space. they encourage their partners to dream and put no pressure of the relation. This freedom itself brings in the partner, with love. Trying to raise morales with love, trust and support can work magic.

#10. Respect, the key player.

A happy couple respects each other. Using derogatory words is not their thing and also giving the other person a chance to explain their stance is an aspect of respect among them. Each other's opinions matter and there is always an ear open to listen and discuss. Decisions are not hurled, in any case.

#11. Perfect couples in movies exist only on the screen.

This is a fact that is etched in their mind, forever. Thus, happy couples never pay attention to the portrayal of relationships in movies. They love each other, poke fun at each other, but do not belittle each other. They understand that their situations are different and have to be handled differently.We hope this piece made you clear on the aspects with which you should move forward in a happy relationship.Feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com for suggestions.