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Candid Illustrations That Show How Disney Princesses Would Look Like, If They Lived In 2017

Ever wondered how would your favorite look like, if they lived in the 21st Century. What qualities would they possess? Will they be as beautiful, as innocent and as out-of-the-fairytales, as we have an image of them. Well, this artist, Fernanda Suarez has dared to rack her brains and to reach out for real in this fantasy-drenched world. She dared to bust the fancy around the Disney princesses and has come up with their reality-struck illustrations, to show Disney princesses as millennials.We are in love with the detailing of each princess that Fernanda has showcased. So intricate and so communicative, a rare piece of art, that has been brought to life with all the passion and hard work. She has illustrated so meticulously, so as to show even the streaks of her 'weaker half' of the imaginative world. Here, she has shown fire in the eyes of each princess and we are stumped at the hip, present-day fashion in which she has clad her princesses.Have a look at the reality hit illustrations.

#1. Ariel, as the modern babe.

The confident girl, who knows that a smile is a curve that can set things straight.

#2. Snow White, as the vulnerable girl of the 21st Century.

Do not eat that, girl. You need to take care of yourself in this world, as caring dwarfs may be hard to find. #HarshRealityFernanda Suarez's work is a manifestation of the fine.

#3. Jasmine, as a modern princess.

With the looks of a millennial who has fire in her belly to prove herself.

#4. Pocahontas, as a decisive woman.

Having lips like those of Kylie Jenner, she is giving us major hair goals. In love with the detailing in the eyes, the opulent display of emotions, even in illustrations.

#5. Cinderella, as the eternal beauty, with elegance.

Her eyes are speaking volumes that she wants to convey to the world. She is darn pretty and looks just out of a boy's dream.

#6. Belle, as the contemporary woman, who wants to make it big with her dedication.

Wondering how handsome her 'beast' may be! Modern Bella wears a denim jacket and her heart on her sleeve!

#7. Mulan, the strong woman of 2017, who can make all tremble with her wits.

With a page-boy haircut brought out so beautifully, Fernanda is an artist, whom we cannot refrain from applauding.But this artist could not curb her art only to Disney princesses; she has further illustrated famous characters of GoT, too. 

#8. Daenerys Targaryen, from GoT, Gosh! We are in love with her fiery eyes.

A soft yet strong woman brought to life in this vibrant illustration. To be on my screensaver, forever.

#9. Jon Snow, from GoT. 

Dude, is that an illustration? Hard to believe my eyes!The fierce character has been brought out, just expressively. Catch more of the artist's work, giving an altogether a higher standard to the art of illustration.

#10. Namine for Ashes

The myriad hues in the hair and each streak is drawn, with all the efforts.

#11. Dimona for Ashes

From eyes to hair to costume, the artist has a vivid imagination which she has showcased so beautifully.

#12. An angry woman, who can fight it out.

Because she believes in herself and has the guts to stand against the wrong.

#13. Hammer Knight green

A display of fiery courage and strength, with detailed expressions.

#14. Holy Knight for Ashes

Beyond imagination! The colors and the shades depicted are mind-bogglingly attractive. *Can't keep from scrolling up and down!*

#15. Odette for Ashes

Hats off to you! Fernanda Suarez has done work, that is a class apart. *Pride*If you like to read what I write, feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.com