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This Photo Of Michael Jackson Is Taking Twitter By Storm & Here's Its Reality

On Jun 25, 2009, when the news broke out that the 'King of Pop' is no more, it sent shockwaves around the world. Particularly some conspiracy theorists who believed that Michael isn't dead, it's just a ploy he's playing to escape the humongous debt he piled up. If you're a conspiracy theorist reading this, dust off your diary and if you aren't, relax because the internet finally found Michael Jackson's doppelganger who is this lady's boyfriend and oh, and people didn't forget to ask him if Annie was okay? So we at WittyFeed would like to bring to you the compilation of the most hilarious tweets around this.

MJ's doppelganger is finally found.

After years of search, Michael Jackson's doppelganger has finally been found. It's rare in itself to find someone who resembles a certain personality but it's entirely different matter when someone is spotted who looks EXACTLY like a celebrity. And who bigger than the King of Pop?

Here's the tweet showing his photo.

Recently this girl going by the name of Lourdes and handle @gossipgriII took the internet by storm when she tweeted the photo of her boyfriend who resembles the King of Pop and Twitter didn't fail to notice. 

Sis, you're really are the lucky one.

We're wondering did she know he's the doppelganger of Michael Jackson before Twitter pointed it out. 

A very valid question.

But did he really need to be dug up or did he never leave us? Hmmmm sounds like one hell of a conspiracy theory.

And then the jokes begin.

Neither they don't really care about you, nor they don't really care about us.

You thought there won't be any sexual puns?

He really won't stop, would he?

Smooth Criminal.

On the topic of Smooth Criminal, we must know did he finally found was Annie okay?

Billie Jean.

Didn't Michael promise that Billie Jean wasn't his lover? And the kid wasn't his son? Why did you lie to an entire generation, Michael?

Please Lourdes, please.

We really wanna know was Annie okay or did the Smooth Criminal hurt her? Annie didn't shy away from pitching in either.

Thank god!

So now we can sleep in peace that Annie is okay. Case closed. 

The man in the mirror.

Well played Rene, well played. So after all the tweets and the puns, the question persisted is the photo real? 

Turns out, it's actually real! 

The King of Pop might have moonwalked out of our life, but his memory remains and his doppelganger. Not only that, Sergio doesn't only look like Michael, he also dances like him. 

Turns out, he can dance like the icon too!

So he is a Michael Jackson impersonator who looks and dances like Michael Jackson. And then people ask us where these conspiracy theories come from. Believe it or not, this is actual photo of Sergio, not Michael.

Here's another photo of him.

Crazy how a single tweet can unveil things which were previously hidden. We're glad we found out about Sergio. 

Here's his Instagram.

The resemblance of him to the King of Pop is scary. Although he's his doppelganger, the reaction the tweet had prooves that people still love and care about Michael Jackson which is really comforting to know. Long live Michael. Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.