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Exposed: 15 Pro Athletes Who Have An Affair With Their Teammate's Wife

Being a professional athlete must be one amazing feeling. You get to represent your nation at the international level along with earning money and fame. While athletes travel around the world, their family enjoys all the luxuries in life which they get with help from the government and the sports body of their country. However, if you take fame and sports away from them, they're ordinary people just like us. They also enjoy watching films, going out on vacation often, and cherish beautiful relationships. It's normal for them to find someone they're attracted to, and enjoy getting intense with them. It's a simple biology at work.Now, when it's obvious they do get involved romantically, there are some cases in which they've made some mistakes like getting involved with someone who is already married. In some cases, that married partner to which your favourite sports person links is married to none other than their teammate.We at WittyFeed have compiled this list to expose athletes who had an affair with their teammate's partner, in some cases; slept with them.Have a look!

Pavel Bure

We start things off from Pavel Bure, a Russian an attacking player who was once the best hockey player at the national level. While playing in 12 NHL seasons, he travelled to Florida, NYC, and Vancouver; but his name was never linked with anyone until some reports revealed that he linked with Sergei Fedorov's partner and tennis star Anna Kournikova. In 2000, both of them were photographed too close to each other. Again in 2001, Fedorov confirmed that he was married to Anna, and she was indeed having an affair with Bure.

Tony Parker

The NBA has seen many players over the decades, and one of them is Tony Parker. Apart from being a basketball player, he is also known for being married to Eva Longoria. However, Eva found out that Parker is having an affair with Erin Barry, former wife of his former teammate, following which Eva divorced Tony Parker.

John Terry

The soccer as a game is famous in England, and John Terry is considered to be one of the popular sportsmen of this country. There was news that this player 'allegedly' had dated a model, Vanessa Perroncel for almost four months. Vanessa was married to Wayne Bridge, his former teammate from Chelsea.

Paul Terry

John Terry might be considered as a great soccer player, but the same cannot be said about his older brother, Paul, who played the game for 13 years but hasn't been able to play for his country on the National level.However, while playing for Rushden and Diamond FC in 2011, Paul Terry got involved with his teammate, Dale Roberts' wife. Unfortunately, Dale caught them in compromising situation and ended up taking his life.

Derek Fisher

In 2011, Derek had a teammate known as Matt Barnes, and after four years of togetherness, both of them got into physical violence. Later it was revealed that Fisher was seeing Barnes' newly single ex-wife. However, this wasn't even the issue. Derek and Matt's wife has been cheating on him for four years, and Derek was the reason behind Matt and his wife's divorce. I mean, wow.

Wayne Carey

In 2002, Wayne made a lot of mistakes, and one of them was getting caught in the bathroom with his teammate's wife during a team birthday party. Everyone in the party saw this happen. Carey then ran away and didn't reveal his identity for an entire year to avoid the media.

Rafael Palmeiro

Rafael Palmeiro has had a very controversial career, but it turns out this man is a legend when it comes to having an affair with teammate's wife. The man is accused of having not just one, but an affair with most of his teammate's wives. Especially with his former teammate, Ryne Sandberg's wife.

Avisail Garcia

Avisail has been playing with Chicago White Sox, but then he came into the league with Detroit Tigers and soon the rumours were swirling that he has an affair with Prince Fielder's wife. A lot of people say that these were just rumours, where in reality, they both were spotted fighting in the clubhouse.

Golden Tate

When Tate decided to leave his team in Seahawks in Seattle, the team could've signed him back; but that didn't happen. It is said that Russell Wilson did not want him in the team. The reason came out when Tate left and on the same day, his wife decided to divorce him.

Brendan Shanehan 

When Brendan was playing in St. Louis, he didn't only play the game, but also played with his teammate's wife. The name of that teammate is Craig Janney. The truth did come out in 1988 when he married Janney's ex. 

Jason Richardson

When Steven Nash was a teammate with Jason Richardson; he found out that his wife is seeing Jason. In the same year, Nash filed for the divorce. The reason for their divorce wasn't Jason, but Steven's wife who carried Jason's child inside her. 

John Harkes

John was so good in his work that his team's coach not only considered him for the captaincy but also called him "Captain for life." However, that did not last long, and Harkes was removed from the national team for undisclosed reasons. In 2010, it came out the issue was between John and Eric Wynalda. He had slept with Eric's wife.

Dave Martinez

A couple of names ago we talked about Mr Rafael Palmeiro who had an affair with most of his teammates' wives. Well, it turns out that Karma aptly played its part, as Mrs Palmeiro was in rumours for having slept with Dave. Not only Dave but a lot of Rafael's teammates enjoyed her company at night as well.

DeMarco Murray

Murray did play for the University of Oklahoma and there he had an affair with fellow teammate, Brennan Clay's wife. Clay had no idea about it until his wife's old phone caught his attention.