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You Would Not Believe These Strange Laws Exist For Such Stupid Reasons

If you think you're born at the wrong place in wrong time, then think again. If you've ever wished to be born in some other country, then I'm here to change your views. In today's world, no doubt every country is great; except for America, as Donald Trump is still working to 'Make America Great Again' (no pun intended). However, there are many countries which are well-developed, but as the saying goes, "nobody is perfect," we closely looked for the imperfections in different parts of the world and found some hilarious laws which make living in that country a way more challenging.For instance, you can be fined in Dubai for driving a dirty car. Or, there are some states in the US which do not allow black men to take corner seat on the bus. Pure racism. Feeling much better about your country, well it doesn't stop here.We at WIttyFeed have compiled the list of some stupid laws which still exist in our world.Have a look!

Florida, the USA

It may sound strange to you, but 'Unmarried women are not allowed to skydive in Florida, the USA on Sundays.' The makers have announced this as an illegal activity.

La Paz, Bolivia

Married women in La Paz, Bolivia aren't allowed to drink more than one glass of wine. On the contrary, there's no such law on men which could restrict their drinking habits.

Capri, Italy.

Capri in Italy is an island which is beautiful and famous for the quality of life it gives you. If you're planning to go there, then you must know that noisy footwears are not allowed on the island. If you break this law and get caught, you'd first go to jail, and then they'll make a further deal with you.

Alberta, Canada

It is against the law to swear, yell and spit in Alberta, Western Canada. Still, if you dared to do so and get caught, then you may have to pay fine upto $75, reports The Global Mail.

Oklahoma, the USA.

If you live in Oklahoma in the USA, then just don't dare to make faces in front of the dogs. Yes, it's law there which doesn't give anyone legal rights to make faces in front of the dogs. Strange, isn't it?

The United Kingdom.

You may not like it after hearing, but it's true. Pregnant women in the United Kingdom can pee anywhere they want. So next time if you're in the UK, beware of preggers.

Wilbur, Washington, USA.

It's completely illegal to ride an ugly horse in the Wilbur, Washington. Strange and unbelievable! How a government can ban a horse riding if the horse is ugly. And who decides the parameter of beauty by the way? 

Arkansas, America.

It's a law in the US that men can beat their wives, but only once in a month in Arkansas.

Alabama, the US

It's written in the law that no one can play the game of dominos on Sundays in Alabama of the USA.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai's luxurious resorts and stunning beaches may seem like an ideal place to spend a romantic holiday, but don't fall in the trap. Kissing publically on beaches in banned in Dubai and if you get caught, you'll end up in jail, reports The Telegraph.

Eraclea, Italy

A lot of holidaymakers visit sandy beaches in Eraclea, Italy. The soft sands are so tempting that you end up playing with it; but beware, making a sand castle in Eraclea, Italy is banned.


A formal query made to the Secretary of Information at the Indonesian Embassy reveals that According to Article 281 of National Law, it's illegal to masturbate in Indonesia and penalty is 32 months in prison.

New Jersey, the US.

In New Jersey only, you cannot kill somebody if you're wearing a bullet-proof. If you want to commit murder, it is important for you not to wear a bullet-proof vest. Wow, isn't that stupidest of all?

Eboli, Italy.

If you're with your partner, spending time in Eboli, Italy; then you must know that kissing in a moving vehicle may get you a fine of €500.