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15 Rare Medical Conditions You'll Be Glad You Don't Know About

Have you ever wondered, what is the statistical chances of being a human being? The answer is about one sperm cell in about 40 million fuses with an egg to make you, you. So first of all, pat yourself on the back because you overcame the odds. Now, have you ever wondered just how much luck goes into creating a healthy human being? There are millions and millions of genes which are to be replicated and almost all of them are replicated to a treat barring a few times. Sometimes though, there are a few complications which can lead to some kind of a rare disorder or a medical condition. In case you're about to gloat that you don't suffer from one, some cases aren't even dependant on genes. So through this list, we at WittyFeed would like to show you 12 of the rarest medical conditions that you'll be glad you don't suffer from. 

1. Argyria

Argyria isn't a genetic disorder, rather it's caused as a direct result of silver poisoning. The result turns the sufferer's skin blue and if there are any references to be drawn, makes the person look like a smurf, unlike #5 which really is the stuff of nightmares.

2. Alien Hand Syndrome

Unfortunately for ufologists, this doesn't involve any aliens but it is equally terrifying. Alien Hand Syndrome happens when someone's hand starts acting on its own, usually grabbing things. The movement can be more complex, giving the impression that the hand, really has a mind of its own.

3. Foreign Accent Syndrome

Although we won't claim that this is a better way to learn the British accent than the traditional one, but yes, this is a faster one. Usually caused via a brain injury, a person's voice and tonality could be hampered, giving the impression that he/she is speaking in a foreign accent. 

4. Cotard’s Syndrome - feeling dead.

Turns out, there's more fact to The Walking Dead than you thought. Cotard's Syndrome is a rare mental disorder which leads a person to believe that he/she is actually dead! What's even more baffling is that people suffering from this syndrome, often visit morgues to 'accompany' dead people. 

5. Hypertrichosis - excessive hair.

Of all the things in the list you don't want, where would you rank this? It goes without saying as to why Hypertrichosis is also known as 'the werewolf syndrome'. The only good news is that excessive hair is the only symptom there is. Although we still won't prefer having it. 

6. Oligodactyly - having fewer fingers.

Oligodactyly is a rare genetic disorder which leads to a person being born with less than five fingers on hands or toes. Although the fingers are operational in many cases, that too depends on the severity of the disorder.

7. Polydactyly - having extra fingers.

As opposed to oligodactyly, polydactyly involves a person to be born with extra fingers on hands or toes. Like oligodactyly, this is also a medical condition which is inherited. 

8. Nystagmus - dancing eyes.

People suffering from nystagmus see their eyes making rapid, uncontrollable movements, usually right and left due to a rare brain disorder. This brain disorder impairs the function of the inner ear which controls eye movements. 

9. Albinism - lack of melanin.

Albinism is characterized by the lack of production of melanin in the body. People suffering from this disease see themselves having pale skin, white hair and very lightly colored eyes. Although this might seem aesthetically pleasing, the sufferer suffers from impaired vision as some melanin is required to see too. 

10. Cold Urticaria - allergy to cold.

Cold Urticaria is a rare medical condition where the sufferer develops a rash whenever he/she is exposed to cold such as ice or water. In extreme cases, immersing the sufferer in cold water can even lead to death.

11. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis.

This disease is also known as tree man disease because the person suffering from this disease bears a resemblance similar to a tree. Not only that, the sufferer is at an alleviated risk of having skin cancer if exposed to sunlight.

12. Hailey Disease - blisters.

People suffering from these get blisters with the slightest bit of friction in their hand. This occurs due to a rare a DNA mutation which leads to the disease. 

13. Auto-brewery syndrome 

Auto-brewery syndrome happens when certain intestines experience an overgrowth of yeast and turn any food into alcohol. The alcohol is then spread into the bloodstream, making a person feel drunk. 

14. Post-orgasmic illness syndrome

Post-orgasmic illness syndrome as the name suggests makes a person ill to one's own orgasm. The symptoms usually include flu-like symptoms like a runny nose, headache, fever etc.

15. Hemispatial neglect: One-sided world.

People suffering from Hemispatial neglect see their one side of perception being completely neglected. Ask a person to draw a full circle and he'll draw only half, thinking he drew a full circle.Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.