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17 Weirdest Public Toilets In The World You'll Never Want To Use

Bathrooms, whether public or private are one of the most important things for a human being and that's why their design matters a lot. Designing of a bathroom is a tough process because many things like space, hygiene, and constant inflow and outflow of water and waste must be taken care of. But no matter how tough it is, architects around the world took the challenge and had designed some interesting toilets only for your comfort.Here in this story, we have tried to list down some really weird and bizarre public toilets found all around the world. These toilets are an example of how creative a designer can be. From see-through to trumpet toilets, here are the weirdest and funniest public toilets in the world.

Dare to sit in this see-through toilet

This is a fascinating see-through toilet in which a person who is inside can see outside, but no outsider can see inside. 

Toilets for shy people

Shy people will certainly not use this toilet where poster girls can watch their private parts.

Looks amazing

Now tell me isn't it a beautiful design? This toilet's walls are covered with decorative tiles and can serve as a royal experience for the user.

This one looks evil

Who would like to sit on this hellish toilet seat? It can help you to relax with more speed because it is intimidating.

Everything is open, here.

I think the engineer of this toilet should be awarded for coming up with this design. 

Tiny toilet

I don't know if the toilet is small or he is the tallest person on this planet. I am still trying to figure out how tall people will use it.

Peeing in the mouth

This is really weird, but people will have to use it no matter what the situation is.  

How to use this one?

I really don't know how this toilet functions, but it is surely a rare, unusual and weird design. 

Feeling exposed

I don't know if you are feeling exposed or not but I surely am. I don't know how many people use it, but it is present in the same world we live in.

Different designs

I think the architect of this toilet is a great artist. So many different designs in one toilet, it is fascinating. 

This one disappears into the ground

This is a popup toilet which appears in the evening and disappears in the morning. 

So many flowers

I don't think this toilet would need any room freshener as it already has many flowers. 

Rocking wooden chair

I think the person sitting on this toilet seat will feel a little exposed because no walls are surrounding it.

Now this one is funny

How can someone think like this? This is epic, and I think designer must be given an award.

Brain twisting toilet

This toilet can easily give someone a headache. 

Stone-age design

Well, this stone-age toilet looks really interesting. If you want to enjoy old times, I think this toilet will be the best.