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15 Weird Home Remedies To Various Problems That Actually Work

Have you ever had a headache? Chances are that you would've and what would have you done? You would've rushed to your nearest medical store and had an over the counter medicine. What if we tell you that there's a better way of curing a headache? What if we tell you that a pencil can help you cure a headache? Sounds like we're joking, right? But we aren't. As bizarre as a pencil stopping a headache sounds, the other items on this list do too but like the pencil trick, they all work to a treat. So we at WittyFeed are bringing you a list of fifteen such treatments which are quite bizarre in nature but they do work.

1. Olives for motion sickness

Motion sickness is accompanied by increased salivation which olives can counter by drying your mouth, treating your nausea. So the next time you feel a little sick while on a cruise, pop in some olives.

2. Baking soda for heartburn

We've all been in a situation where we feel that the out heart is burning, caused by acidity. All one needs to do is mix a tbsp of baking soda in water and drink it. Its basic properties will neutralize the acid. 

3. Ged rid of warts

Say goodbye to those grainy, ugly lumps of skin on your finger or your hand. All you need to do is cover the lump with a duct tape for at least a week and then peel off the tape, this would take care of the wart.

4. Remedy for canker sore

Canker Sores are so disgusting and painful that one cannot wish enough for them to go away quickly. Fortunately, we have a solution. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and later on dab the sore 3-4 times a day with milk of magnesia and that would take care of the sore.

5. Pencil for headaches

Headaches are quite bad and more often than not, require an over the counter medicine. A pencil can solve that problem. No, we aren't suggesting that you ingest the pencil, rather we're saying that you can hold the pencil between your teeth to relieve pain. This causes jaw muscles to relax and alleviate such pain.

6. Yoghurt for bad breath

Yes, we know that chewing gums do work but we're here to tell you that there's a better solution to it. Yoghurt contains probiotics which can neutralize the bad breath-causing stomach acids.

7. Tea tree oil for acne

In case you had an acne explosion just before your prom, chill, we got it. All you need to do is dab some tea tree oil over your acne, and its anti-inflammatory properties would work their magic.

8. Sugar for hiccups

Sugar? Yes, please! All you need to do is ingest a spoonful of sugar and your hiccups would stop. Why does it happen? Taking sugar stimulates vagus nerve which makes the body forget to hiccup. 

9. Salt for a sore throat

No, this isn't a myth but it's real. All you will need is to gargle warm water mixed with salt and your sore throat would be bearable thanks to the soothing effects of salt and water.

10. Olive oil for eczema

Olive oil would be an excellent remedy because of its rich moisturization properties and Vitamin E. When purchasing olive oil, look for extra virgin.

11. Aloe vera for burns

Aloe Vera's cooling properties can help one treat burns effectively. Alternatively, it can also be used to treat dandruff and skin infections. 

12. Listerine for athlete's foot

An athlete's foot only sounds a cool thing to have until someone has it. It's a kind of fungal infection and to be honest, it's quite disgusting. Listerine contains ethanol, which kills the bacteria and fungi causing athlete's foot.

13. Vegetable oil for dry nails

If you have dry nails, there's a solution to it waiting in your pantry. All you need to do is apply vegetable oil to them, cover with plastic gloves overnight and that would take care of the dryness.

14. Vodka for foot odor

Alcohol is an antiseptic which causes the death of odor-causing germs and since vodka has a high content of it, you can rub vodka to eliminate foot odor. Although you might be better off rubbing actual alcohol and saving your vodka for a martini.

15. Peppermint chewing gum to feel refreshed

So in case you're thinking of having another cup of latte to cure your tiredness, we have a solution for you. You can have peppermint chewing gum to feel more alert. A university study does point out that chewing gum can lead to increased alertness. So there you have it. Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.