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These 10 Unusual Illustrations Showcase The Corrupt Mindset Of People

You hardly come across illustrations that perfectly capture the dark side of the society. An artist and Illustrator Payam Boromand has very well made these sketches that look like everything that resembles you of the everyday hustle of human beings.Women being ill-treated, prevailing terrorism, poverty are all the evils that exist and it's like people don't acknowledge there post effects. And even if people know about it, the government doesn't wanna do anything to take it out from its roots. While all these socio-economical issues are running their own way, this artist thought to work through all this and created some unusual drawings.I'm very much fond of sketches and art at a personal level and that may be the reason why I liked this man's work so much. But, even if you're not such a great art lover, believe me, you'll have a great time looking at these illustrations as they come your way.So, let's take a look.

Some are born to stand-out.

While everyone is busy living their lives on their smartphones, some are different. They wanna stand out of the crowd. But what happens? Their heads are being rolled downwards towards their devices, maybe the peer pressure is to blame.

Are men pigs?

Some men only think about flesh, body, and sex. This illustration very well describes the dirt that lies in our society. 

What goes around comes around!

The cycle of frustration, anger is continuous.

Flaunting it off!

After all, show-offs are real big these days.

Does love exist?

Virtual love is dominant!

Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer!

Poor is fighting for food on the plate while the rich ones are having in abundance.

Law & order?

Seems quite doubtful and that is evident from this picture.

A weapon.

Terrorism is being sponsored by a state to chop off the growth globally.

Fair eough?

Irony of the world!

Efforts that are involved remain hidden!

How many times do you really appreciate those poor hardworking people who were involved in the making of a particular thing that you're wearing today? Think about it.That's all folks!Like, share and comment in the section below.You may also reach out to me at richac@wittyfeed.com