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When People Found Their Doppelgangers In Museums And Snapped Selfies With Them

It is said that the world has 7 people who look exactly like you and if you're lucky you might be able to meet at least one of them. Just the thought of meeting my doppelganger excites me. Like how cool would it be? Well did you notice the fact that you have never seen yourself for real, and when you finally spot your doppelganger you would finally know how you look like from the perspective of a third person. Interesting, eh?!Well, a bunch of people went to a museum to see antique things and guess what they stumbled upon? Decades and centuries old painting of their doppelgangers! Just the sound of it makes me curious to check out the pictures, what about you?See below and enjoy! 

1. Stunned.

When you find yourself hung in a museum portrait and give that look!  

2. Umm, yeah.

So, he goes to the museum and THIS happened. Hilarious!

3. Wait, what?

Imagine going to a museum and finding this! Super? 

4. Well...

"So I found a picture of myself dressed as a samurai 111 years ago at the Met. Apparently, I was a collector of Samurai Armor, I've drunk a lot since then so I don't really recall but it's totally plausible that's me"

5. Expressions speak 

I guess he liked the the doppelganger experience way too much, says his expression. 

6. Taken aback friend

"My friend's a time traveler"

7. Findings 

"Probably found my great great great grandmother at Louvre"

8. Lucky man

 "Found my doppelganger at The Louvre. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco"

9. Looks fun 

"I'm the head"

10. In Zurich 

"Found my doppelganger from half a century ago at an art museum in Munich"

11. The best mate

"My best mate went to The Louvre and discovered a painting of him done many years before"

12. Twin?

Looks his long lost brother from the past!

13. Anecdotes 

"My friend spotted this painting of himself while walking through the Met"

14. Do you belive in pre-existence?

"I found my pre-pre-existence!"

15. Wow!

He found his doppelganger like this at Trento, Italy Science Museum.

16. Boggling 

"My gallery look alike"

17. Historic doppelganger 

"Found my doppelganger from history!"

18. Immortal

Proving that he's immortal... at The Louvre.

19. Heard that right!

"I'm Henry the 8th I am"

20. Forget Monalisa 

"Visited Paris this weekend. Just when I was about to take a picture of the Monalisa something better caught my eye"

21. Look what mommy found 

 "We found our baby's doppelgänger at the art gallery."When People Stumbled Upon Their Doppelgangers In Museums And Snapped Selfies With Them"

22. Woah 

"The painting and I were matching!"

23. Am I a cupid?

"The doppelganger from The Louvre made me remember a pic that I took"

24. What say?

"I think this captures me!?"

25. Paris trip 

"On our trip to Paris, my friend found a doppelganger in The Louvre"

26. Uncanny 

The resemblance is uncanny here, do you see?