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15 Pictures Of Beyonce Knowles Which She Doesn't Want You To See

Owh, Beyonce! The treasured pop culture icon in the United States of America and the entire world, Queen Bey is the pop diva with her wild mane and curvy edges that could even seduce the dead man. The lady of a class has made her own space in the industry with her epic no-nonsense attitude and inspiring songs.Who'd have known that a teenage girl with the strong voice would grow up to become one of the most celebrated pop culture celebrities in music. Lemonade star has made some waves over the ten years. Starting her career with the all-women band, Destiny's Child, Bey soon came out as a solo star. Her life took a beautiful turn when she married to rap mogul, Jay-Z. Everything around Beyonce seems perfect from the outside, but that doesn't mean she never has a slip-up.Yes, Beyonce has faced her own kind of 'oops' and 'ouch' moments. From hair to a wardrobe malfunction. Well, we all have been there; but Beyonce is special.Have a look!

The most recent moment came when she attended Rihanna's Diamond Ball in NYC.

The mother of three and wife of rapper Jay-Z, Queen Bey accidentally flashed her Spanx as her high-thigh dress caused the malfunction. Her fans saw more than ever skin of this songstress, as they show no sign of being affected by three pregnancies.

Amway Arena, Orlando.

During her concert, when Lemonade star was singing 'Ring the Alarm' at her concert in July 2007, Bey took a few spill down a set of stairs. A fan recalls that moment and says, "She just got up, wiped herself down and kept performing. I’d bet that most people in the area didn’t even know that anything happened."

These unflattering expressions.

When this picture started to swirl on the internet right after her concert, a lot of people used it to convert it into a meme and troll her. It is one of the most popular Beyonce meme photographs.

And this one.

If you'd ask Beyonce, she'd straightway say that she doesn't want you to see these pictures of her from Super Bowl. She was damn fierce that day, and people could do nothing, but enjoy.See next, Beyonce trying to avoid her nip slip.

Without makeup.

If you'd see Beyonce without her makeup, you'd come to realise that she's just like most of us. Wild, raw and looks mostly dull. While Beyonce likes to flaunt herself without makeup once in a while, she doesn't like this picture of herself for undisclosed reasons.

The Christmas gift.

In 2014, Beyonce was out on an Iceland with her hubby Jay-Z, spending the Christmas vacations in a pool alongside him. The singer had shared a lot many steamy pictures.See when a blow of air near helicopter messed with her skirt.

Narrowly avoids malfunction at her 32nd birthday party.

While going out on a date at with her rapper husband Jay-Z, fans' beloved Beyonce narrowly avoids the nip-slip wardrobe malfunction, as Jay-Z stares at her there. 

Be careful, Bey.

In September 2015, the pop star Bey suffered a massive malfunction while she was getting out of her SUV in NYC to catch a helicopter to the Hamptons with her daughter, Blue-Ivy.See next: Beyonce mistakenly showed-off cameltoe.

Drunk Beyonce.

Paparazzi got hold of Beyonce as their fine camera focused deep into her car and caught her unconscious.

Beyonce flashed more than fans could ever imagine at Grammy Awards.

Beyonce suffered a massive wardrobe malfunction at 2016 Grammy Awards, and you could have a little look at her camel toe. Click here.

When Beyonce tried to be an actress.

You can't be good at everything, and Beyonce learned this lesson after failing in acting. The songstress first tried to be an actress in 2001 and appeared in the films like Austin Powers: Goldmember, Dreamgirls, and Obsessed (2007) which became the last film she appeared in.

Fans exposed her for photoshopping picture and posting on Instagram.

This is one of the biggies, especially for a lady who always rants about coming out in public as you are. There was a time when Beyonce shared this picture on her social media, and within a few hours, she was all over the news, for all the wrong reasons. Lots of people claimed that this picture was photoshopped.

"Baby I can see your hip bone, Halo."

During the closing song, "Halo" (from her 2008 hit album) at New York Citi Field, the bootylicious performance of Bey caused her a bit of embarrassment as well when her onesie split into two from its lower part.

Obama's inauguration and Beyonce lip synced the national anthem.

So maybe if you'd ask her to show some of her best performances, Bey wouldn't include this one. Her fans slammed her severely for doing this. However, she later accepted that the entire show was lip-synced because the songstress didn't have time to rehearse with the band.

2013, when a fan grabbed her.

In a 2013 concert, Beyonce was grabbed on stage by a sweaty, shirtless man. This Brazillian guy was all crazy like Donald Trump on Queen Bey.

When a fan became her fan.

It was another time, another stage in the same 2013 when Queen Bey's hair stuck in a fan, but that couldn't dare to stop Bey from performing. Her security came in to rescue her.That's all, folks!