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Adorable Smiles Of Animals That Are Enough To Lift Your Mood Instantly

A smile is a curve that can set everything straight, even your mood. And when we see animals smiling, it is a sight to behold. Seeing animals smile is a rare sight in itself, and that too catching them on camera is an art of the moment. Lucky are those who are able to see animals smile in real life and luckier are the ones who have had the opportunity to capture them in cameras for us. With this, here we get to you animals whose smiles have been photographed. They are so cute that we cannot help but keep scrolling up and down, to etch them in our memories forever. From smiling monkeys to the purring cats to the winking penguins to beaming frogs to guffawing seals, nature looks absolutely mesmerising when it is smiling. It has a magic that infuses all the happiness into our spirits, leaving us elated. Delightfully charming smiles coming your way.

Those lit eyes, brimming with all the happiness.

Lighting up his smile.

That cute AAAF wink...

And the accompanying smile make the best for my phone wallpaper today.

A perfectly timed capture.

Beautiful: holding belly and laughing.

The fun infused wink and smile.

Levitating!Captured by Nemodus photos

The wild smile.

Captured in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Photo by Dave Stevenson/rex / Rex Usa / REX

Baby elephant, having fun with itself.

That is a smile of joy on its face.Image credits: Duncan Noakes

This is so beautiful, the face is lit in bliss.

In love with this capture, it has healing powers.Source: organicpecans.wordpress.com

This capture drew a smile on my face instantly, especially, the grin.

That is amusingly cute.Source: turtlehurtled.com

A rare sight.

The king of the jungle, smiling! Rarer than the rarest.Image credits: Luisa Puccini

How gleeful!

Its eyes get contracted when smiling, just like any of us. Lovely!Image credits: Morten Hilmer

Now that's a wild laughter.

Jubilation and ecstasy personified.Image credits: Jackson Carson

This is just soo cute! 

The tiny little one, smiling all the way.Image credits: Andrea Zampatti

The brightly radiant eyes. 

I want it in my hands, now! I want to play with it.

That happy dog, there.

Can I please cuddle it?Source: globalanimal.org

Gosh! That open-mouthed laugh.

Scary.Image credits: Sylvain Cordier

Watch out! Take care.

The little one rejoicing, all smiles.

For it was just waiting for the camera to capture its smile.

So humane!Source: Chris Gamel

This is called Rolling On The Floor Laughing (ROFL)

It has enacted it well.Image credits: Peter Krejzl

Ummm... That is a weird grin.

Some fishy intentions, maybe.

A scary smile there.

The giraffe has big sparkling eyes.Sometimes happiness is not derived only from humans around you. Do share with animal lovers you know.