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Famous Celebrities Who Suffer From Life-Threatening Diseases

Celebrities, they are talented, wealthy and famous but they too are normal human beings. Well, I am telling you this because celebs are also prone to diseases as much as we are. And same as the common population, some stars also live with chronic diseases that leave a big impact on their day to day lives.  They too have to take out their time to visit doctors and give their body a checkup. So, if you think that money is all that we need in our lives, then you may be wrong. The impact of a celebrity suffering from the disease is something fascinating. In 2013, when Angelina Jolie came to know about her breast cancer problem, she announced that she had undergone a double mastectomy publicly to spread awareness of the disease.Here on this list, we have gathered the names of celebrities who are currently living with life-threatening illnesses.   

Sharon Stone

Many people remember Sharon from her role in the film, Basic Instinct. In 2001, Sharon suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage (a brain aneurysm) that lasted nine days. A brain aneurysm never lets a person recover from it throughout the lifetime, and most times, it becomes so fatal that it takes away the life of a patient. Sharon miraculously survived, but when she talked about it in 2015, she told that she has brain damage and needed to teach herself how to walk and talk again.

Avril Lavigne

Avril suffers from Lyme disease that is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It nearly took her eight months to get diagnosed properly. When she went to doctors, they said that she is crazy and her ailment did not exist. 

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is no stranger. The former X-Men star suffers from skin cancer. In February 2017, his sixth operation was carried out to remove the affected skin patch. He confirmed the news about the operation from his Instagram account where he wrote, "Looks worse with the dressing on than off. I swear! Another basal cell carcinoma. Thanks to frequent body checks and amazing doctors." 

Lil Wayne

The 35-year-old rapper suffered from Epilepsy and seizures since his childhood. On September 3, 2017, he was admitted to hospital in Chicago after suffering from seizures. Wayne was found unconscious in his room due to multiple seizures.

Selena Gomez

Well, almost everyone now knows that Selena Gomez has lupus as she recently underwent kidney transplantation that was given to her by a friend. The disease causes damage to a person's heart, lungs, and the brain. 

Lady Gaga 

In 2010, Lady Gaga said that she suffers from lupus, and on 15th September 2017, she said that she suffers from a chronic pain condition known as fibromyalgia.  

Morgan Freeman

Legendary actor Morgan Freeman has fibromyalgia, the same disease that Lady Gaga has. He faces problems while walking, sitting, and even while getting up from a chair.   

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox's battle with Parkinson's disease is not new. The Back to the Future star announced the disease in 1988, and since then he is fighting with it. 

Tony Braxton

In 2003, Tony Braxton passed out during the shooting of the show Aida. Later in 2008, it was revealed that she suffers from microvascular angina (heart disease). Despite the disease, the singer continued to sing and perform. She has said that she is a survivor.  

Halle Berry 

Halle Berry is probably one of the most famous Hollywood actresses, but many people don't know about her diabetes. She has type 1 diabetes and even went into a diabetic coma in 1989.   

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon's ex-wife, Mariah Carey shocked everyone when she announced that her husband has lupus. The disease affects kidney and many other parts of the body.

Beth Chapman

The television star suffers from throat cancer. She underwent a stage one surgery for the disease, and it was successful. The doctors said that they had won the first round after completing the 13 hour-long surgery. 

Venus Williams

The star tennis player has sjögren’s syndrome, a disease that causes the body to attack its moisture-producing glands. There is no cure for the disease. 

Missy Elliott

When Missy Elliot disappeared from the music industry, everyone was shocked. But it was not because she lost her touch as a singer, it was because she was suffering from Graves’ disease. It is an immune system disorder that resulted in hair loss.