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A Lady Wore Body Paint Instead Of Clothes For Entire Day And Then This Happened

When you see beautiful people on the internet or somewhere around your neighbourhood, you can't help but admire them and end up comparing yourself to them. Most of us are making these mistakes. In result to which, we start to feel insecure, which isn't a good place to be. The world is turning into an incredibly cruel place. We're often reminded that beauty is physique and figure, there's a standard for it, and we must attain those standards to be called beautiful. Frankly speaking, most of us don't fit in those standards. The social media's popularity and over access to celebrities private life has made us beauty-obsessed, while we have forgotten entirely that beauty comes from within, not from the looks.Celebrities you admire, almost 90% of them are the result of photoshop, and you can't photoshop yourself in real life, and that's the truth. However, you should learn how to accept your imperfections and be happy about having them. No one can body shame you, until and unless you make them realise that you're vulnerable when it comes to your figure and appearance.

The same happened with this girl.

When this girl, Julie, was in high school, a lot of people made fun of her appearance and looks. She was bullied to the extent that she started to build a fear around her appearance.

Overcoming the fear.

Later in her life, Julie decided to overcome his biggest fear of her life and started to think what new she could do to silently let people know that she loves the body in which her beautiful inner soul resides.

The idea strikes.

She then got the idea to do something with painting, and that's when she met a guy called Pashur House.

Pashur is a professional body paint artist.

After meeting, both of them agreed on one thing. And that is Julie will get body painted in almost 'no clothes' to go out in public naked and embrace her existence.

Starting to body paint.

Pashur House starts to body paint her bare skin and draws the white top and blue denim jeans using varied colours. 

The complete project looked amazing.

Apparently, the most important part of the task was yet to come. Julia was asked to go in the crowded places, visit friends and meet them to see if anyone notices her body paint.

Unbelieveable reactions.

Though it took a lot of time for people to understand, they soon realised and had gone mad about the idea. But, this isn't the only interesting case of body painting.

Here's an entire video.

However, there's more to bodypainting than this. Austria recently organised its World Bodypainting Festival 2017 where spectators got to see amazing bodypaintings.

Body paint festival 2017.

Julia had her reasons to get body painted, but it doesn't mean that the art of body paint is limited to that only. Recently, Austria celebrated the 20th year of World Bodypainting Festival in 2017.

Participants from all walks of life.

The festival witnessed participants and artists from around the world (50 nations) with more than 30,000 spectators.

Changing locations.

World Bodypainting Festival, abbreviated as WBF takes place every year at Pörtschach, Austria. However, this year the organisers changed the location to Klagenfurt, Austria.


The spectators get to see the Bodypainting come alive, which is one of its kind of even to witness.

It first started in 1998.

The Bodypainting Festival (European Bodypainting) was first started in the year 1998 with an aim to boost the tourism in Austria and Europe during the summer.

Increasing popularity.

With its continuously increasing popularity and fame, the event was renamed as "World Bodypainting Festival" in 2004.

Today, it is the biggest event.

As of 2017, this is one of the world's biggest bodypainting festival in this form of art and the industry as the whole.