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This Abandoned Secret Town Is Six Times The Size Of New York But Totally Hidden

Our world history comprises of uncountable mistakes, which led to this world into peril. And to think, that we would learn something from those mistakes turned out to be false. Not from the past, but we bring a grave, historic error from the 21st century itself.Naypyidaw, the new capital city of Burma, is designed as an artificial tribute city to the glorious military Junta which ruled the country of Myanmar since the World War II. Than Shwe, the despotic ruler of Burma spent more than 26 billion Euros, borrowing major amounts of it from the Central Bank, a debt directly imposed on the already poor citizens of one of the poorest nations of South East.The new capital has been shifted to a barren land from the cultural, historical and economic heartland of the country, Yangon, 320 miles north. The city, six times the size of NYC, is almost vacant and is one of the biggest abandoned cities of the world. Read on to know more and have a look at the pictures of this bizarre town.

Welcome to Naypyidaw!

The capital city of Burma has been designed to attract tourists from Western nations. The name of the capital literally translates in Burmese to "the abode of the king." It first became the capital a decade ago, after the government decided to move the capital from Yangon (aka Rangoon) with next to no explanation. The official explanation for moving the capital was that Yangon had become too congested and crowded with nearly no scope for future expansion of government offices.

Built on debt

The government has spent tons of money on housing millions of people. The construction of this artificial city started off on the foreign loans of billions of dollars. In 2009, Burma's national debt was estimated at $7.37 billion. But the city is almost vacant since there are hardly any residents.

All the amenities, but no one to use them

There are luxury hotels, malls, restaurants, and free WiFi in the capital city, but the major thing that's missing is people!

The artificial city

The city, built as a pretentious facade in order to impress the western countries, took a major emphasis on the tourist spots and their numbers. The residential areas are carefully organized into 1,200 four-story apartment blocks color-coded by the jobs of their inhabitants.

Hotels on a waiting for customers

There are currently twelve hotels located in or around Naypyidaw. But, 348 hotels and 442 inns were constructed just to accommodate the athletes and spectators of the 2013 Southeast Asian Games, which was hosted in Naypyidaw.40 villas were constructed in preparation for the 25th ASEAN summit conducted in Naypyidaw in 2014. Looks like, reputation did matter much more than utilities.

Tourist attractions

There are many touristic attractions and recreational spots in town - Uppatansanti Pagoda, which is similar in size and shape to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, several parks, and gardens, including a water fountain complex that holds a musical light show each night. But ironically, there are no spectators to the show.

Uppatasanti Pagoda

Comparable to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Uppatasanti Pagoda was completed in 2009. This new pagoda was named the Uppatasanti or "Peace Pagoda". It was meant to be the iconic landmark of the city.

Mystery fueling rumors

There had been rumors, saying that there are underground tunnels designed by technicians from North Korea which apparently hide all the citizens. Some theorists also talk about the nuclear weaponry experiments to be running in the underground bunkers of the haunted city.