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These Two Men Tried To Feel Labour Pain And Regretted Later

When it comes to facing the pain, there will be hardly any initiator who would come forward and say, 'I'll take it for you.' However, you'll find people in abundance who humiliate the pain you're going through. Demeaning the pain which women feel during their pregnancy would rank at least second if not first when it comes to taking more as less.Of course, women alone face this agony, while men sleep stress-free on the other side of the bed. It doesn't mean all men are like that, but some people are sceptical about what women go through during their pregnancy. They believe what women go through is part of their biology and anyways, the human body has potential to face such kind of pain.We just found two guys roaming on the street and who believe that women "intentionally" exaggerate the stuff and labour pain. But they didn't see what was coming for them.Have a look!

These two guys.

Both of them made a video and talked a lot of bulls#it on camera about how they think women exaggerate the whole pregnancy thing. These guys say that they're tired of hearing women say men are weak and they can't take this pain.

What one of them said to another would probably make you angry.

So to prove they're "healthy men" and can take anything, they schedule an appointment with Dr Julie Masters to test for once and all; if they could handle such pain which women feel while giving birth.

They go through a procedure which will give them labour pain.

Dr Masters reveals that wires will be strapped to their stomachs to give blows of pain. This pain is calibrated to show levels felt when women go through the real labour pain. One of them already gets scared, but anyhow they decide to try.

Are you ready for this?

Because what happens next is intense!

The tension begins.

Men's faces turn red, blue, green, grey and in all the colours of the world as the first phase of shock is given to their bodies, and they deal with pain.

But, here's the point when things get interesting.

Their wives join them and enter into the room with the smiles of satisfaction on their faces. Yeah, with some coffee also.See how they react when phase II jolt is passed on to them.

Dr Masters administers the jolt of electordes.

The men start to feel uneasy and lose their temperament. Just when they decide to quit, the doctors give them phase II of current which is a real pain.

The men lose control over their body.

The agony and helplessness appear on the face of one of the men's face while Dr Masters and wives are having the entertainment of life.

Such a big moment.

The other man also starts to scream as his wife supports him physically at such a life-changing moment.

A bit of relax in between.

It appears their wives can't help but laugh at this stupid idea of their husbands, while both of them continue to face the pain.Their behaviour and words after the stimulation.

Average hours.

While both of them continue to feel the pain which women feel during their pregnancy while delivering a baby, Dr Masters shares that this isn't even the final stage.

After their stimulation gets over.

The men looked relieved that it's finally over, and this time they say the least.

When asked about the experience, they said.

"It sucked us, that was horrible."