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Most Haunted Places In The World That You Will Never Dare To Visit 

As little kids, we heard many haunting stories about ghosts and places where they live and sometimes even today; we get terrified when we have dreams about them. But for some people, those stories and places become a thing of adventure, and they curiously want to know about them. If you are looking for a holiday and want to visit the creepy places on Earth, then you are the right place. Because here we have listed out some of the most haunting places in the world. BEWARE: Before deciding any place to visit, make sure that you are okay with paranormal things.But if you are still confident enough and are not faint-hearted, then scroll down to know more about the haunting places.

The Hoia Baicu Forest, Romania

The Hoia Baicu Forest is a place which is famous for its paranormal activities. In 1968, a technician named Emil Barnea captured the picture of a UFO over the forest. Apart from it, the forest is also known for ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions and faces appearing in captured pictures. The tourists have also claimed that touring around the forest feels like you are constantly being followed and watched by someone.

Pripyat, Ukraine

This place in Ukraine is considered as the ghost town and is located near the border of Belarus. It was proclaimed a city in 1979 and was evacuated in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster (nuclear accident). After the incident, people of the city suffered from severe headaches. It is also said that the radioactive material released due to the disaster was 400 times more than the bombing of Hiroshima. Many people who have been to the place report feeling of being terrorised and desolation. The zone is considered to be haunted and not safe for a visit.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

You might be shocked after reading what I am about to tell you but the ritual of hanging coffins is true and it is practised in the Philippines. It is a burial ritual carried out by the people of Igorot tribe. They hang the coffins of dead people on the cliff because they believe it brings them closer to their ancestral spirits. The most interesting thing is that the elderly people carve their own coffins. Please think before visiting.

Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

This place is also referred to as the church of the bones, and you can see it in the picture. This church is created with the bones of 40,000 people who wanted to be buried at a holy place. Many of the people whose bones are used died from plague in 1318 and also in wars in the 15th century. So now you know why this place is considered haunting.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

This place in Mexico became an unlikely attraction for the tourists because of its creepy dolls, but the story behind the tourist attraction is more compelling and haunting. According to records, a man named Don Julian Santana was the caretaker of the island. When he first arrived at the island, he found the dead body of a girl and her doll. So to appease her spirit, the man thought of transforming the island with the help of dolls. He lived in a small cabin where some of his possessions are kept in the display. After decades, Julian was also found dead, and it was at the same spot where he found the girl. According to the locals, the dolls were seen moving their hands and legs and even opening their eyes.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort is regarded as one of the most haunted places in India. This place is attracting tourists from all around the world and is scaring the shit out of many people. The story which locals tell about the fort is that a magician fell in love with the local princess, but their match was impossible. The man knew dark magic, and that's why he decided to cast a spell so that she could surrender her to him. But, the princess came to know about his plans and made a plan to kill him. Before his death, the man cast a spell, and that's why the place is doomed.

Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

This historic place located in New South Wales is one of the most haunted locations in Australia. It gained the reputation of haunted since its construction in 1885. The Crawley family resided in the home until 1948, and during that time they witnessed many deaths, including the death of a kid who was dropped from the stairs. Another haunting story revolves around a man named Harold who was chained for 40 years in the caretaker's cottage. He was found near the body of his dead mother and was sent to a mental hospital, but he died there after some time. Stories are to get scarier here onwards. XD

Eastern State Penitentiary, United States

This former prison was built in 1827 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was known for being one of the first prisons to introduce solitary confinement. According to reports, prisoners were sent to solitary as a form of rehabilitation. There the prisoners have to live alone, eat alone and even exercise alone. Due to the harsh procedure, many prisoners went crazy, and as a result, the prison was shut down in 1913. But it was again started in 1970 but this time as a normal prison and was again abandoned in 1971 due to paranormal activities.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, United States

It is a closed sanatorium located in Kentucky, the United States that was first opened in 1910. The building which is used in the picture was constructed in 1926 and served as the hospital for tuberculosis. It is said that many patients died due to disease there and probably it is considered as the reason behind one of the most haunted places in the world.

Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

Another fort that was built in 17th century by Dutch East India Company. The first report of the paranormal activity was in 1915 when a tall man was seen on the castle's ramparts. Another story that is associated with the castle is regarding the death of former governor Pieter Gysbert van Noodt who died on April 23, 1728. It was the same day on which he sentenced seven soldiers to death. 

Tower of London, England

The Tower of London is a historic place located in London. It has a history of over 900 years with prisoners being executed and tortured. There have been many incidents of paranormal activities over the years. The most famous story is regarding the second wife of Henry VIII. She was beheaded for betraying the king in 1536, and it is said that her ghost haunts the place. She has been seen walking with her head under her arm. 

Ancient Ram Inn, England

Ancient Ram Inn located in Wotton-under-Edge is considered as one of the most haunted houses in the United Kingdom. It was built in 1145 on a burial ground and is deemed to have nearly 20 ghosts. Many guests have reportedly jumped out of the windows in fear. 

Fort George, Canada

Fort George located on Citadel Hill is famous as a haunted place in Canada. There are many reports of ghost sightings over the years. 

Château de Brissac, France

Château de Brissac is considered as one of the most haunted locations in the world. It was built in the 11th century after the victory of King Philip II of France over England. It is said that a ghost of Green Lady is seen roaming around the castle. 

Borgvattnet Vicarage, Sweden

Borgvattnet is a small village located in Sweden and is famous for having a haunted vicarage. The first ghost at the vicarage came in 1927 when the chaplain Nils Hedlund resided in the house. He reported many strange things like once when he was on his way to gather his laundry; he saw his laundry being torn down by an unseen thing. Another interesting thing about the house is if you can stay an entire night at the place then you'll get a certificate for staying the night. So which place are you visiting? Comment in the section below.