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15 Celebrities Who Used To Be Strippers Before Getting Famous

There are many films in which we have seen celebrities playing the character of strippers. But it is tough for us to believe that some stars used to do it in their lives when they were struggling. Making into Hollywood is not an easy task, you need to fight a lot before establishing a name. Many celebs used to work for low wages at the beginning of their career. But their hard work and will of never giving up made them such great stars.Do you remember Channing Tantum's role in the movie, Magic Mike? Now that is something which we are going to talk about in this story.Here in this story, we have gathered the list of celebrities who used to work as strippers. I can guarantee that you will be shocked after reading this because there are many stars whose name you did not expect on the list. So now, let us go down. 

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood currently, but the start of his career was not that easy. In an interview, he admitted that he was a stripper in Hawaii. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has stated many shocking things in her career. But she shocked everyone when she said that she has worked as a stripper. In an interview on the show 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,' she said, "I made more money stripping than waitressing."

Channing Tantum

Well, I mentioned Channing Tatum's movie, Magic Mike, before and now you know why I did it. The 37-year-old actor also worked as a stripper, he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. 

Amber Rose

I think most of you might you know about Amber Rose's job of stripping, and if you don't then, yes, she was a stripper. She admitted it during an interview with Loveline. She said, "[It was] the best f***ing time of my life. Miss the pole. Got a pole in my f***ing house. Getting drunk before you go out there - it was a whole moment."

Kendra Wilkinson

The former Playboy model also worked as a stripper when she was just 18. In an interview, she said that she earned nearly $500,000 from stripping. 

Brad Pitt

I was amazed because I did not have any idea about Brad Pitt being a stripper. According to Pitt's friend, he did stripping during his time at the University of Missouri. 

Anna Nicole Smith

The late model and actress Anna also used to be a stripper at Executive Suite in Houston, according to her mother. 

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra's job as a stripper was not by her will. She did it to pay the medical bills of her father's health.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Another name that will shock you because you did not expect this, but yes, Catherine used to be a stripper.

Diablo Cody

The Oscar-winning scriptwriter of Hollywood also did stripping before becoming a famous writer. In an interview with Telegraph, she said, "I feel much more naked as a writer than I did as a stripper. When I was stripping, I felt pretty emotionally neutral because it wasn't a massive event in my life."

Courtney Love

Courtney not only did stripping but also used it as a medium for starting her band, Hole. According to the star, she used the money which she made from stripping to buy the backline and a van for the band.


The American rapper was not such a big star what she is today. Before dropping the first album, Eve was a stripper at the Bronx strip club. 

Kathleen Hanna

Kathleen Hanna also worked as a stripper before the 1990s. She has called stripping as her second worst job after working with McDonald's.

Javier Bardem

Javier also tried stripping during his struggling days, but he was so bad at it that he only did it for one day. He called his mother and sister to support him during stripping.