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Did You Know About These Rude Hand Gestures From Around The World?

When anybody talks, they gesture and gestures can and do play a very crucial role in communication. We explore, in turn, gesture’s contribution to how language is produced and understand in the moment; its contribution to how we learn the language and other cognitive skills; and its contribution to how language is created over generations, over childhood, and on-the-spot. A gesture can change speakers’ thoughts. Encouraging gesture thus has the potential to change how a person thinks about a problem or anything. And when talking about hand gestures, they say a lot. What in one language or culture or country could mean a simple hello, would mean something offensive in another country. Our hands are with us at all times and thus provide researchers and learners with an ever-present tool for understanding how humans think and talk. Here are 15 gestures from around the world that are considered rude and should be avoided when you visit these countries. 

1. The Southpaw Handshake 

So in many parts of the world, the left hand has been used for what we can call as... erm personal matters. What I mean to say is that it is considered as offending as telling someone that they are faeces. Country: Malaysia 

2. Me Ne Frega

This phrase is often used accompanied with the phrase 'Non mi frega' which translates to 'I don't give a damn'. So when you sweep your hand from under your chin towards someone, it is considered a rather blunt way of saying you couldn't care less! Country: Italy 

3. You $uck Cock 

A wanker hand with knuckles facing up motioning towards an open mouth with tongue in cheek. Yeah, just definition of it sounds offensive, doesn't it?Country: Global 

4. The Wanker 

Ask the British and they'll tell you calling someone a wanker without this gesture isn't that joyful. Though, the person on the receiving end of this gesture might not feel very enamoured with it. Country: Britain 

5. Thumbs Up 

Around the world, in a few countries, a thumbs up is decoded as 'My thumb is cold, want to warm it with your bottom?'. To further guarantee some insult, don't forget to thrust your thumb upwards. Countries: West Africa, Iran, and Greece

6. The V Sign 

While the V sign is associated with Victory, in some countries across the world, it is a symbol for the declaration of a war. Countries:  Australia, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom

7. The Dog Call

This might not just land you in trouble but in prison. If you want to seduce someone, think of a better way, really!Countries:  The Philippines and almost all Asian countries

8. The A-OK

This can mean a variety of things from regarding someone as an asshole to calling them homosexual and even "fuck you!"Countries: France, Belgium, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, in the Middle East, Brazil, parts of Germany, and several South American countries. 

9. The Corna

It's a not so subtle way of saying 'I'm fucking your wife'. Use it at your own risk, don't try to be the punk rock star. Countries: Spain and Italy 

10. The Tapita 

This is a brutal way of saying, " you have a small penis". Country: Chile 

11. The Fig Sign 

It's a way representing female genitalia or is a rude way of expressing dismissal of one's request. Country: India and China 

12. The Vulcan Salute 

Demonstrating your sympathies for the Vulcan race might sound like a good idea (who wouldn't want to live long and prosper) but if you're surrounded by Klingons, you might want to give it a miss. 

13. Bared Soles

Not just your hands but showing your feet as well can be regarded as rude in many cultures. Country: Middle East Countries 

14. The Little Finger Wag 

This signifies that you're pointing out to a man that he has a small penis. Countries: USA, UK