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Most Awkward & Shocking Moments In The History Of Emmy Awards

An award show is where we see our favourite stars gather at one place and enjoy the night of entertainment. But not all the celebrities get along perfectly and a few of them end up being part of an unexpected moment. Sometimes these moments are awkward while the other times they're shocking and surprising.On September 17, we witnessed the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, and we did see some of those celebs catching up with the uncomfortable moments.But here in this story, we have tried to present you with the most awkward and shocking moments in the history of Emmy. These jaw-dropping moments went down in history books because of the hype they created.So let us revisit the most awkward moments in the history of Emmy Awards.

The acceptance speech

When Patty Duke won the award for Best Actress at the 1970 Emmy Awards, she gave a very shocking acceptance speech. Many people believed that the speech was given under the influence of drugs, but later it was revealed that she had the problem of bipolar disorder. 

The unexpected pairing

Eddie Murphy and Joan Rivers raised eyebrows of many people when they both hosted the 35th Emmy Awards in 1983. Well, the pairing was considered controversial at that time due to the prevalence of racism at those times.

A private joke in public

Kirstie Alley made things little funny and embarrassing for herself when she went on to say a joke about her then-husband Parker Stevenson's private part.

Time for some curse words

Helen Mirren shocked everyone at the 2006 Emmy Awards during her acceptance speech for Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. She said, "A great triumph not falling a-- over t--s as I came up those stairs." The funny part was that the producers were not able to **beep** the curse words and it was heard by millions.

The unsuitable comment

Kathy Griffin took her comments to a new level. During her acceptance speech at the Emmys 2007, the comedian said, "Suck it, Jesus. This award is my God now."

The song of the president

Well, Donald Trump singing on the stage with Megan Mullally may not have been awkward at that time but it has become awkward now. Just look at Donald Trump, don't you find his dress funny?

Cutting the acceptance speech on television

In 2007, Sally Field tried to use her speech for discussing her controversial anti-war beliefs and that is when Fox decided to cut her off the telecast and named it as the technical blunder later.

A lesson for own mother

Katherine Heigl shocked everyone at the 2008 Emmy Awards by taking a shot at her own mother. She said that her mother did not believe that she stand any chance of winning an award and that's the reason she did not prepare an acceptance speech.

The unrehearsed skit

During the hosting of 2008 Emmys, a controversial and shocking moment took place. Tom Bergeron dropped Heidi Klum on the floor when she pretended to fall in Tom's arms. Everyone was shocked including Heidi.

Worst presenting banter

One of the biggest presenting banters took place at the 2010 Emmys when Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham took the stage to present an award for Guest Actor in Comedy Series. They both made fun of each other and their comments went too far.

The fastest acceptance speech

Merritt Wever became the victim of stage fright. She was so overwhelmed by winning the award that she just said, "Thank you so much. I gotta go." and ran off the stage.

Randomness at its best

Well, one of the awkwardly funny moments for Neil Patrick Harris happened when a random man showed up on-stage just before commercial. 

The objectification of a female

Yes, you read it right. Something like this happened when Sofía Vergara was objectified on a pedestal by Bruce Rosenblum. He said, "Our success is based on always giving the viewer something compelling to watch."

The unexpected kiss

One of the shocking moments took place at the 2014 Emmys when Bryan Cranston jumped in front of Julia Louis-Dreyfus who was going to receive her award and kissed her.

How you doin' on the red carpet?

Matt LeBlanc gave a really shocking comment on the red carpet of 2016 Emmy Awards about Emilia Clarke. He said he began to watch the Game of Thrones with interest because he was able to see Emilia Clarke naked.

Another sexual joke.

Jimmy Kimmel did many shocking things at the 2016 Emmy Awards, like targeting Donald Trump and much more but he shocked the world when he made a joke about Bill Cosby. Jimmy introduced Bill Cosby as the award presenter, and everyone was shocked as they did not know how to react because Cosby has been out of public eye since many women came out and accused him of sexual harassment. The presenter then went off stage and came back after some time and said that he was joking and Bill is not here.Which moment did you find the most shocking? Comment in the section below. ;)