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The Horrible Looking Cakes This Nurse Prepares Will Instantly Make Your Stomach Churn

The quote, “A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe”, said by Thomas Keller, a revered chef perfectly depicts the style behind every cook who aspires to spread love in the world by his/her work.To a chef, it’s the best feeling when someone loves a delicacy they put their heart and soul into. For the passionate ones, this love is more than enough to bring themselves higher in what they’re good at. And there is one culinary artist whose work is been appreciated across the world on Internet.Katherine Dey, a New York based nurse by the day, makes stunning cake masterpieces when her ‘super-chef’ alter ego takes over. Her cakes are dramatic and gory, inspired by what she sees at the hospital. The details and color scheme of these cakes are so realistic that it might make your stomach churn. But on the inside, the cakes are incredibly delicious and mouth-watering.Netizens are loving her for her startling art style, be it a heart-shaped cake or a ‘Zombie Baby’ body art. So, let’s take a look at her gory, yet delicious desserts:

Firstly, meet the artist

This is Katherine Dey, a registered nurse from upstate New York. Using her observations from being a nurse, she converts nauseating gore into stunning artworks through both - body, and culinary arts.

I got to talk to Katherine Dey over Facebook messenger. When asked what inspires her ironic presentation of the cakes, she said "I enjoy the huge difference between how my desserts taste and how they look. People have these conflicting emotions in every bite. I want my work to truly come alive." This dessert genius tells us how she wants to develop her passion towards the profession. She adds that she is trying to start her own sweet shop, and hopes that it will be up and running soon.Let's dive in to check out her morbid, yet tasteful, creativity.

The Heart Cake

It won't be wrong to say, that she puts her heart and soul into making these delicacies. And what is even more admirable is the detail she puts in these cakes. 

Keen eye for details

These cakes look like freshly popped eyeballs. The colours and the textures attained make them very realistic - and hence, quite graphic.

The goat skull cake

This one is made to look like a goat skull. However realistic it looks, sure takes away your appetite.

And then, a human one

These cakes are so life-like, with muscles and eyeballs and blood textures, that it's hard to look past their gory exterior.

A piece of my mind

The presentation of this ultra-graphic dessert dressed as a brain and nervous system on a metal tray just makes it look like it's fresh off of a human. But one look inside, and you can see how appetizing they really are.

Gory hand cake

Though, this hand looks like a prop straight out of a thriller movie, if not the real thing; but the joy this girl is devouring the hand with sure can tell how yummy it is!

A human head

It isn't conventional to be served a head on a plate to be eaten. But somehow, if this is what she has to offer, I'd love to have it.

Celebrity busts

Not only the elements are straight out from a hospital, but she also works perfectly on sculpting cake-busts of celebrities. This cake that looks like a bust is for Kathy Bates, an American actress. She sure gets her details right even outside her gory genre.

The toddler's skull

Katherine Dey sure owns both - detailed observation and ability to express them. If not for the image to the right, I would've just taken it to be an actual skull.

Rectal Temp cake

Apart from the cute ones, this one is one of her most appreciated work for the element of humour throughout the Internet. 

Body Art

Not just with her cakes, she is extremely talented - and equally gory - with her body art as well. Being pregnant is painful in itself, But having a 'Zombie Baby', is on a whole new level.


This here is quite a masterpiece. The cake is sure designed as a bug, but the insides look very palatable.

She isn't all gory though

Look at this honeycomb cake. Though, it would be a genius to use real honey to flavour the cake - not the real bees though.

The elephant cake

This adorable elephant as a cake sure looks cute. Though, I still wouldn't want to cut through it.

Ninja Turtles

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one is a perfect cake to have at a kid's birthday party. Phew, finally!

And how she makes a cake?

This is the clipping of a cake in the making. She really has the hands of an artist!

Shrunken heads

She always outdoes herself when it comes to gruesome works. She loves what she does and is passionate about getting further with it. We wish her luck with her future endeavours, and I look forward to being able to enjoy her desserts.What do you think about her art? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. You can find more of Katherine's astounding cakes from her Instagram handle. You can reach out to me on harsh@wittyfeed.com