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When Boys Are Single But Pretend To Be In A Relationship: Hilarious Attempts 

You know when all your friends around you are getting into relationships, getting engaged or getting married, no matter how happy you are for them, deep down you feel as if, you're never going to find anyone for you and just die alone! But that's not true, right? We all have someone somewhere waiting for us, who will love us irrevocably and do all the cheesy things with us that mushy couples do! Two boys, who ought to be superb photographers and single, did something hilarious and commendable. They probably are introducing something that would save the lives of a lot of single boys who have to click cheesy and mushy pictures with their sisters or best friends to put up on their social media accounts and show they do not belong to the forever lonely clan!  Check out the images below that showcase their brilliance, amazingly.Don't believe me? Check out for yourself! Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Let's go to the park?

But you don't have a girlfriend, so you end up doing this since you own a DSLR and some good skills.

2. Short girls are so cute

But sad that I don't have one, so I ended up taking a picture like this.

3. Bae caught me sleeping 

Not really, I wish someone did! Until then, this is the only thing I can do! 

4. She's so cute 

She took pictures of me sleeping with cute post-its! Just kidding! I don't have a "she" ergo, I end up taking my cute sleeping pictures. 

5. Celebrating my birthday with her

My darling caught me while I was making a birthday wish! Yayy. (If you bought that, stop reading this article right now!)

6. Our friends caught us eye to eye

BwahahahahahahahahahaJust a ladder with a wig on and a DSLR!

7. My girl pampering me like

She feeds me with her own hands, ain't she too sweet? And imaginary!

8. She got my ketchup 

My baby cleaning up the ketchup after feeding me some McD burgers! Isn't it like a dream, quite literally!?

9. We're going away 

I love giving her pecks over her cheeks now and then to make her feel loved! And wish there could be a real girl under that wig, someday!

10. Just got her some beer

Just like she asked for a beer, precisely only in my imagination!

11. Enjoying ice-tea

She keeps taking such pictures of me, how do I stop her? She's such a cutie and non-existent. 

12. Consoling my baby 

She was sad when her best friend shifted to another town, and here I was consoling my imaginary girlfriend. Via Jinushi Keisuke and No One CaresThat's all, mates. You can reach out to me on drishti@wittyfeed.com.Stay tuned!