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11 Easy Period Life Hacks That Will Help You Get Over Those Period Blues, ASAP

Do you crave for chocolates, for ice cream and often end up feeling crap during those days of the month, for you feel that nothing is working out. You feel as if everyone and every thing is there to irritate you. There are repeated feelings of anger, irritability, anxiety and nervousness but there one also feels bloated during periods. From crying sadness to intense food cravings to clumsiness to tender breasts to headaches to those cramps to the reduced tolerance for noise and lights, periods are full of fatigue and trouble. Sometimes they feel ridiculous, giving us a feel of punishment. We know how big a struggle it is to pass those days, that too, every month. So, feeling the pain with you, here we empathetically get you some of the easy tricks and hacks that you can deploy during your periods. Feel free to share with someone whose life you want to make easier!

#1. We all feel bloated during periods...

So, instead of torturing your belly by trying to fasten that button of your jeans, you can use a simple rubber hair band as shown in the image. This will not put extra strain on your belly and will give it space.

#2. An extra pocket in your bottom wear for that pad.

For this, you need fabric that you can cut easily and paste using a fabric glue on your bottom wear.

#2.1 Simply cut any old T-shirt in the shape of a pocket.

Then stick it on the front side of your panty, using the fabric glue. Leave it open from the top.

Voila, that secret pocket of yours is ready.

You can easily slide in that pad, which feels embarrassed to be carried to the washroom in front of people.

#3. You can massage your way through the bones of the back...

The bones with the help of your fingers.

Then gently, with a rounded motion using the thumbs..

Massage on the backs of your hips, towards the upper side to ease those period cramps. 

#4. If you do not have the ruuber hot water bottle, 

You can simply pour hot water into another bottle and see if it gets warm on the outside. If so, you can use this very bottle as the hot water bag, to tolerate the period pain.

#5. Shirt around your waist.

We suggest you carry an extra shirt when you leave home. For, on a safer side and for that incessant fear of a spot, you can simply tie that shirt around your waist and hide that spot!

#6. Period tracking app.

There are applications available on the app store of your mobile phone which will help you to remember your dates and not run into chums, unprepared.

#7. Open the pad in advance to get over the embarrassment of that noise of opening.

Yes, this technique helps you to get rid of that queer noise when you open a pad in a washroom. 

#8. Use a perfume spray to smell good down there.

Before pasting that pad on your bottom wear, simply spray a perfume there. This keeps it pleasant.

#9. You can use a sock and some rice as a replacement to the hot water bag.

Take an old long sock and fill it with rice. Heat this in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Voila, your hot bag is ready to ease the cramps.

#10. Use hydrogen peroxide to deal with stains on sheets.

This is a common sight on mornings when it is that tie of the month for ladies. Often, we are in such a hurry that these bloodstains seem like a nightmare. One can use hydrogen peroxide in limited quantity to clean the stain. But, immense care must be taken with its use. It acts as a bleach so it cannot be used on all fabrics.

#11. Use a sports tape to fasten those flaps of the pad.

Often those flaps on the back of the pad turn nasty, so to keep them in place you can use a sports tape, which keeps them together.We hope these hacks eased your troublesome life in those days on the month.Do share with girls who will love these hacks.Feel free to reach out to me at vasundhara@wittyfeed.comStay tuned.