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Before And After Pictures Show How Luxurious Life Was Ruined By Hurricane Irma 

For over a week, people have been fighting Hurricane Irma in different parts of the world.  The startling pictures show how speeding at 185 mph, Hurricane Irma turned the Carribean island into ruins within hours. The before and after collage of photographs from some of the most picturesque parts of the island reveal how the stormy winds destroyed all luxurious properties like airports, hotels, beaches, and marinas.   The photographs have come from Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St Martin, Puerto Rico, and some more places which are hit by Hurricane Irma. UN predicts that 49 million people are likely to be affected by Irma. The extent of damage is unbelievable as it has left no signs of existence behind. Have a look!        

Tortola in British Virgin Islands. 

The picture shows how Dolphin Discovery in Tortola, which also has white sand beaches, is ruined by Hurricane Irma.      

Before | After

The first (before Hurricane) picture is of a plush atrium, a 144-room water-front Beach Plaza Hotel in St Martin. But everything changed overnight as you can see in the (after Hurricane) picture. The hotel is severely damaged.  

Paraquita Bay at British Virgin Islands.  

Footages have been swirling on the internet lately, which show how storm hit the hotel and harbours along the coast of St Martin.      

Storm marched towards Honky Tonk bar in Philipsburg St Martin. 

If reports are to believed, then the storm has already taken 10 lives so far. At least eight people were killed, and 23 are injured.   

Speaking on the radio, French Interior minister Gerard Collomb said:

"About 1,00,000 food packets have been sent to help the people who are in need. It's a devastating tragedy, and we will have to rebuild the island, as all the school and important places are destroyed." The number of people who have died in St Martin and Saint-Barthelemy, a French speaking territory on Carribean island, can be higher than we expect because the inspection team is still assessing the damage.      

Who visits them? 

The extravagantly rich place is a hotspot of A-list Hollywood celebrities like singer Jennifer Lopez, actor Tom Hanks and the American actress Jessica Alba. 

The Stress-Free Bar on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.  

The ways of communication were dead on early Wednesday, as people in Florida ran towards Miami. Almost all the buildings in Barbuda, Antigua were damaged by the storm.  

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne told AP: 

"It is just really a horrendous situation, roads and telecommunications systems are wrecked, and recovery would take months, if not years." Browne said he noticed a 2-year-old child getting killed by the storm as his family tried to escape a damaged home during the storm.  

Let's have a look at how things looked before and after on an island from the satellite.  

The scene shows how Princess Juliana airport was damaged after Hurricane Irma as it tore across the island on September 13, 2017.      

Plane over their heads.

Juliana airport was famous for its proximity to the beach, as tourists would gather at one point on the beach to watch aeroplanes fly over their heads.     

The area in Saint Martin where ships are docked.

Ships and containers mostly surround this particular area, but the massive wind storm and rain moved the containers and ships all over the place as if they were small wooden blocks.   Ever wondered what's it like to live in such a situation?In Puerto Rico, half of the population is without power supply, which almost left 900,000 people to live in the dark at such tough times. More than 50,000 people don't have access to fresh drinking water. Emergency hospitals are using generators for their power requirement, reports QZ.