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Man Goes To Watch "IT" Screening And Meets With A Terrifying Joker In The Theatre 

Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ has just hit the cinemas in the form of a movie made by Director Andy Muschietti’s. The movie is all kinds of scary and has been giving chills to a lot of people who have gone to watch it. What happened with Chris, a fan from England who proceeded to watch "IT" was nothing less than a nightmare and we're glad he didn't freak out or get a mini heart attack from it! When Chris went to the movie theatre, he found a very bizarre and unusual viewer seated in one of the seats.A creepy and at the same time a weird person, dressed like a full-fledged joker had was sitting in that seat. Well, instead of losing his shit, Chris rather clicked a few pictures of this unusual person and put them up on Twitter! His post got over 291K likes and 123K retweets from all around the world! Read on to find more!

Tweet 1

“I’m first in the screen and this f**king guy’s just sitting there,” the caption of his tweet read.Below is a series of tweets depicting how people reacted to this.

Re-tweet 1

I would've called for security and asked for a refund maybe!

Re-tweet 2

And what if he turned out to be a psychotic killer?

Re-tweet 3

This man encountered the same fiasco!

Re-tweet 4

Well, we'd like to know that too, isn't it?!

Tweet 2

Why is that man wandering around, I'd totally freak if I were there by any chance, given I had already not left! 

Re-tweet 1

Hahahaha! This is absolutely hilarious. 

Re-tweet 2 

Probably even I'd react like this kid! 

Re-tweet 3

Not at all cool. Such a mean clown. Ugh. Well, since Chris tweeted all this after the movie got over, we're pretty sure he's alive and doing fine! Via HG_HohbesThat's all, mates. You can reach out to me on drishti@wittyfeed.com.Stay tuned!