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Finally, The Sun Sets For Britain As It Is One Of The World's Most Depressed Countries

Imagine you're in a room crippling with a headache. Unable to move, you are not in a mood to have a normal conversation with anyone. You choose to sleep till the pain is over, but can't and wake up suddenly from a short sleep. Now, imagine no one is around and you're all by yourself.  You share all this with your friends and family but they ask you to stop behaving like a child. You call your boss, but s/he wants you to work on a certain project immediately. The discomfort of mind is not visible when a person is depressed and that's why people take it for granted. This is just a glimpse of what depression is all about.  According to the latest international rankings, United Kingdom is one of the world's most depressed countries, as people there are surrounded by several problems.   Have a look!     

Developed, but depressed.

The United Kingdom is known as a developed country. But according to the latest reports, people in the UK are depressed and not happy with their life, as they are fighting with the problems in life like job dissatisfaction.   

Weakening proportions. 

The significant proportion of men and women are reported to have weak physical and mental condition as compared to other nations on the list.    

The UK is jointly ranked as seventh.

Out of the list of 25 depressed countries in the world, UK is ranked jointly as seventh, and the youth of the nation admit that they have problems. The rate of depression in the UK is more than Poland, Greece, and Italy, suggests the report from Daily Mail.   

Here's list of top 12 nations suffering from depression.   

The data from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) also reveals that more women are suffering from depression as compared to men. It is a similar trend, which is visible across different countries.    

Education and depression.

The study reveals that depression level varies because of the educational qualification. It turns out that people with the higher level of education have less problem than those who left studies before or at the age of 16.     

11% percent women and 8% men suffer from depression. 

Where as for the other countries, the average percentage of people suffering from depression is 10% and 6% respectively.  

Andreas Schleicher, director of education and skills at OECD.

On reported levels of depression, Andreas said, "It is a good reason to believe that education has a direct effect. Because with the higher level of education, you get more chances to participate in the society, and the risk of exclusion from the society is far greater for people who are less educated."   

He adds further:

"I think there is a direct effect, but there's a lot of indirect effect, the kind of job you get, the kind of interactions you have." 

Cure for illness.

Depression is treated by restoring the feel-good chemicals in the brain. According to some reports, it was revealed in 2015 that children of England are among the unhappiest in the world with problems like bullying. All this do massive damage to their well-being.    

The study also found that:

Children in England are particularly dissatisfied with their appearance. Here also, the girls were at the bottom when it came to the satisfaction about their appearance. Increasing numbers of primary and secondary schools are offering courses, which teach children to be less stressful.    

Dr Cosmo Hallström, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: 

"Depression is a widespread condition, and it is present in about 10% of the world's population at any given time due to innumerable reasons."He adds, "The primary and most common reasons for depression are lifestyle issues. If you have everything you desire in life, then you're less likely to be depressed," quotes Daily Mail.No doubt, depression is a common condition which is under-recognised, under-diagnosed, and under-treated.  

So, if someone tells you he's feeling low; don't disappoint him. 

Treat the mental illness the way you treat the disease of heart, lungs and pancreas. Remember, people who suffer from depression aren't dealing with the best cards in life.  That's all, folks!