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15 Hilarious Inventions That Are Equally Bad And Brilliant At The Same Time

As a kid when we used to watch cartoons, there was always a mad scientist making crazy inventions and almost all of them failed. To invent something, one needs a certain level of creativity be it mathematical, artistic or of any sort. Over the years the branch of life hacks has grown exponentially because it's creative and can apply to our everyday life as well. Some of them are quite brilliant, some of them are mediocre and some of them are so lame, it actually makes us laugh. So we at WittyFeed would like to show you a list of 15 such inventions which look great on the surface - like every life hack but fail spectacularly. So are you excited to know more about these inventions? All you need to do is scroll down and let the journey begin. 

1. Baby stroller and scooter hybrid

The stroller comes with an inbuilt scooter to satisfy your baby's and your inner need for speed. 

You can travel quite some distance with it.

Just don't attempt a back flip or any kind of fancy trick. The baby might not like it. 

2. Flask tie

This to satisfy the cravings of the inner alcoholic in you. Just pour some alcohol in the flask, sneak the tie in discretely and take a sip whenever you feel like. 

Just pour alcohol

Not that we're judging people buying this, this can also contain orange juice. Who are we to complain?

3. Ping pong door.

This door can convert into a ping ping table, to satisfy your sudden cravings of playing ping pong.

Comes with a net too! 

Our question is, is there any safety benefit of this door? Or the thief can just flip it and come in?

4. Goggle umbrella

In case you wanted to play peek-a-boo with someone holding an umbrella, here's the perfect invention. 

5. Baby mop

Babies crawl around, make noises and spill food for the majority of the day, so why not make them mop the floor too. alteast in theory. 

Has mop on hands and knees

Since babies crawl all day, why not make them mop the floor too and feel like a disgusting parent at the same time. 

6. Hug Me pillow

Are you feeling lost? Are you feeling alone? Do you want to know what it feels like to have a demonic arm resting on your shoulder? The hug me pillow is your perfect choice.

This is how its supposed to be used 

You're supposed to feel the warmth when the pillow hugs you; if only the pillow heats too.

7. The Coffee Mug Iron

In case you're wondering what's the best thing to accompany your ironing, it's not your coffee, but this mug/iron does the same.

8. Pizza pouch

kids wear ID cards, legends wear a pizza pouch to satisfy their pizza cravings. Is it ridiculous or genius? We think the latter.

9. Chopstick with a fan

Because you'd be stupid enough to ignore the added weight it adds to the chopstick and the fact it would cause a massive mess thanks to droplets flying all around, you'll be buying it.

10. Toilet putter

There's nothing better to pass your time during nature's call than practising your golfing skills, is it?

11. Pizza cutter

On paper, this seems like quite the brilliant invention because it would solve the problem of cutting the pizza, the right way. When it strikes you that there's no way to increase/decrease the size. It seems quite a dealbreaker. 

12. Weight watching belt

The belt helps those weight conscious people tracking their weight. A brilliant idea but you aren't going to score any style points wearing this on your date.

13. The promiscuity concealer

This brilliant design lets you watch your 'favourite' videos without anyone knowing what you're watching. The only thing is, onlookers would know the reason you're using the hoodie. 

14. Pet Petter

So what if you're lazy and aren't interested in petting your pet which loves you unconditionally, would do anything for you etc. so go ahead, grab this pet petter.

15. Foot powered bike

A foot powered bike because they just missed the point of owning a bike, so you can run around looking like an idiot. Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.