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Did You Notice What Is Missing In 'It' Movie?

The new adaption of Stephen King's famous novel, 'It' has finally hit the theatres and people are already saying it as one of the best films of the year. The dancing clown is terrorising its audience again. Bill Skårsgard plays the clown and has taken the 'It' character to a whole another level. But many of you may not know or remember that the Pennywise (It) was already shown in the mini series named 'It.' Tim Curry played the role of the clown in that series. But hey, we are here to talk about the differences between the novel and the film. 'It' directed by Andy Muschietti mostly captured everything from Stephen King's novel, but there were some details which were not included or missed by the filmmakers but don't worry we are here to tell you about them. So let us take a look at them one by one. 

Time Period.

There are many time periods used by Stephen King in the novel. At one time it goes 3.3 million years back, but the main time periods included in the book were 1958 and 1984. On the other hand, the movie is set in 1989 only. 

Only one event. 

Stephen King used many events and ghosts to haunt the children in the book whereas in the film, there is only one manifestation for one child.

One storyline instead of two.

There are two storylines in Stephen King's novel. But before me telling you about the storylines of the novel let me tell you that the heroes of the film are Losers. I mean a group of children makes a group named Losers, and they are main characters here. Now let us talk about the two storylines in the book. First one is when the Losers fight with It for the first time and the second is when the Losers go back to kill It. Both these storylines work concurrently in the novel, but nothing like this is seen in the movie.

Georgie's first meeting with Pennywise.

Stephen King's Pennywise is very calm when he first meets Georgie. He holds colourful balloons and asks Georgie if he wants his boat back with a smile. Whereas in the movie, Pennywise is creepy from the start. 

Here's the creepiness. 

Let us move on because there is a lot more to come.

The Barrens.

In the novel, the Losers mostly play at a spot called Barrens. It is a woodland area located in the middle of the town, and it is used by kids to hide from bullies. In the film, the kids do not actively hang on their own at the Barrens, and this is strange. 

No mummy or werewolf.

Stephen King's novel has many monsters including a mummy, a werewolf and the Gill-man. In the film, all the monsters have been left out.

The smoke hole.

After sending It away for a while, kids decide to create their own American/Indian Smoke hole so that they can hallucinate and learn all about the clown. Despite that, they get high and try to learn about the monster that is terrorising them. This whole portion is left out in the film.

The replacement of slingshot.

Stephen King imagined kids using slingshots to fire silver bullets at the beast whereas farming bolt gun is used in the movie. 

The character of Beverly Marsh.

In Stephen King's It, the character of Bev survives abuse from her father's hands, and she later joins the Losers to fight Pennywise, but in the film, she is snatched by Pennywise, and later the group goes to save her. 

The sewer sex.

The children's orgy is shown in the Stephen King's novel whereas the new adaption of It, the sex scene is not shown. The storyline is changed completely. 

I guess you have watched It. If not, book a ticket now.

It is totally scaring the shit of people, and it is one of the best in recent times. If you think we missed something, then comment in the section below.